Sunday, December 20, 2015

What Passes for Big-Time Journalism on Race in Canada

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Note that any time a lefty says that a theory on race, sex, ethnicity or sexuality that he hates has been “debunked” or “discredited,” he’s lying.

“Doug Saunders the Globe and Mail columnist who thinks Canada needs a million poor Africans, writes in this Saturday’s Globe and Mail about race realism or as he prefers to call it ‘theories of racial inferiority.’ This paragraph makes me wonder if he’s been reading….”

[Read the whole thing at VDARE.]


Anonymous said...

These "journalists" like Saunders are mouthpieces for their governments who want to spread the word of their intentions.That s it pure and simple.The propaganda being pushed on Negro Nightly News with Lester Holt about problack and antiwhite incidents have got to be coordinated with Obama administrations blessings.They don t pretend to be objective anymore and it shows.

Anonymous said...

Of course the best thing over the weekend was talentless nig Steve Harvey showing his stupidity for all to see and crowning the WRONG MISS UNIVERSE.Classic Negro F-Up.

Anonymous said...

On top of that,while tweeting his apology,Harvey spelled Philapines and Columbia wrong.Lol. (That s the way he spelled them).