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The Top Villains in the Duke Rape Hoax

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I did some work on this case, including an exposé on two New York Times operatives’ role:

N.Y. Times to Duke Rape Hoax Victims: Drop Dead”; and

What my VDARE editor, Peter Brimelow titled:

“Nicholas Stix` Absolutely Definitive Account of the Incredible Disappearing Duke Rape Hoax.”

The following article, however, has a lot of juicy material. Its only problem is that the writer seems to have the barest acquaintance with the English language.

Top Villains in the Duke Lacrosse Hoax
By Zarko
False Rape Archives
April, 2011

It was not necessarily easy to pick a list of the top 15 greatest villains in that disaster of a Hoax. Some are sharing a spot in this list, as they are often difficult to tell apart in their non-sensical screed. The hatred the people on this list displayed for justice, freedom, and other traditional democratic values is astounding. Their methods of perpetrating injustice at any cost, including self-deprecation, is a testament to how far we still have to go before we can trully make a great society.

I have excluded the two principal villains, District Attorney Mike Nifong and the False Rape Accuser herself, the Hoax Enabler, Crystal Gail Mangum from this list, as they were clearly the #1 and #2 criminals otherwise.

#15: Richard Broadhead, Wahneema Lubiano, Karla Holloway, Peter Wood, Maurice Wallace, Thavolia Glymph, and the rest of the Group of 88

There are more 88ers coming lower in the count, but these are the people I couldn't fit in this list.

The Group of 88 are 88 Duke professors with a chip on their shoulders, an irrelevancy complex, and an almost obsessive hatred of a large variety of things, often male and white. The lacrosse team provided a very easy platform from which to launch their views.

The original "Listening" ad and Wanted Poster provided enough fuel for the fire of hatred to last a long time. Under the guise of 'anonymous' students, the 88ers provided their own quotes damning the team. Lubiano even characterized it as a stake through the heart of the Lacrosse team.

Of course, when the case collapsed and the 88ers were (slightly) taken aback, they would no longer claim the ad was about the Lacrosse incident, but about other, more 'lofty' goals, such as speaking out against the sexism and racism on campus.

Facts, of course, were stubborn things, ignored exclusively by most people on this list.

One note however, is the signatory Arlie Peters. He distanced himself from the G88 and did not sign the clarifying statement later on. For that, he needs to be applauded. The rest continued their hatred long after the case they once so cherished... collapsed so utterly.

For a list of their behavior,, KC Johnson and others provide ample information.

Finally, the president of Duke, Richard Broadhead. He was not an 88er, but he certainly shares their views. Many people attest to his intelligence, and I have no reason to doubt any of them. He is a very smart, suave man, with a great eloquence, which is clearly lacking in most of the company he keeps (on this list and the 88ers in general).

When Finnerty and Seligmann were arrested, he gave his speech of: "If they did it, it's appaling. If they didn't do it, whatever they did is bad enough".

He knew, at that point, that all Seligmann and Finnerty did was drink beer. According to Broadhead, that was enough to warrant a 30 year prison sentence.

He failed his university, he failed his institution, he failed academia in general, and he failed to reign in a mob of morally destitute gangsters.

#14: Kathy Redmond

Redmond is the founder of the National Coalition against Violent Atheletes.

The clear greatest heroes next to Brad Bannon were the Lacrosse women at Duke. Their wearing of the Innocent armbands, alongside the jersey numbers of the false accused, at their top-4 game was one of the defining moments of this entire hoax.

The backlash of hatred was expected. The Lacrosse men's team suffered the most of the hate. Columnists like Selena Roberts, Harvey Araton, John Feinstein, Andrew Cohen and others slandered vigorously and unchecked.

However, the vitriol and sexism launched at the women of Duke Lacrosse was amongst the ugliest in the entire hoax.

The first was Harvey Araton of the New York Times, calling (disparagely) the lacrosse women "gals", wondering how they would stake their reputation on the outcome of the case. He went on and on, and for a while, he was the forerunner in the hate leveled against the female lacrosse team. Until...

In a Jeff Schultz article oozing with condescension, Kathy Redmond was given a voice:

"These are stupid, spoiled little girls. It smacks of high school. Maybe one day when they'll read about one of their friends who was raped. Then they'll rethink this."


"More than any other sport, there's this mentality with women lacrosse players of, 'We're as tough as the men.' It's almost like a competition. It's like they try to carry themselves with a masculine edge. They want to be looked at as being just as good as the men, yet they still look to the men for validation."


"I'm surprised [the women players] didn't fear any reprisals from Duke. It tells me that the school is still taking this less seriously than it should."

So, this is the founder of the Coalition against violence expresses suprise that the women didn't suffer reprisals.

One of the consistent good things that came out of this case is the exposure of the morals of feminists and other politically correct entities. The sheer sexism thrown at the Lacrosse women is very telling.

#13: Amanda Marcotte

Marcotte is a foul-mouthed blogger and a feminist extraordinaire. Facts, logic and reason are anathema to her very existence. I have rarely, if ever, met someone as vitriolic as her.

Marcotte's view of the case was straight-forward. They raped her, and absolutely nothing can possibly change her mind about it. Not only that, she completely disregards any new development, or old fact, about the case. She does this with frightening dedication. She does this after the DNA conspiracy was exposed, where anyone with even a shred of intellect would realize the extent of the Hoax.

She is not stupid, far from it. For someone with intellect to have followed this case and produce such opinions, is very suspect. Marcotte knows the Lacrosse players are innocent, and yet throws so much hate at them that one would think she was personally involved.

Marcotte also claims she was raped. Whether she was or not, the fact that she willingly props up a case for a clear false rape accuser is evidence enough that she absolutely does not care about actual rape victims, but is quite willing to stab those that were raped in the back. For her, a false rape victim is just as fine as a real one, in fact better: it is far more 'Hollywood' and enticing.

Marcotte was hired by (North Carolina native) presidential candidate John Edwards as his official blogger. She was then promptly fired (she said she left), not long after her famous 'stuck at the airport' comment towards the Lacrosse team.

That Edwards, by far the highest ranking person to come out of North Carolina, was silent about the biggest case of prosecutorial misconduct in American history in HIS OWN STATE, is telling. That he hired Amanda Marcotte, with her views quite public, is sheer stupidity.

Marcotte, of course, deleted her posts, as she does with anyone disagreeing with her. For some reason, she does not understand a very key concept about the internet, that Rooney Mara mentionned in the movie, 'The Social Network':

"The internet isn't written in pencil, it's written in ink."

#12: Tim Tyson

Tyson is a professor at Duke. He is also one of the two known professors (the other being Faulkner Fox) to have admitted to attending the potbanger protests outside the Lacrosse house, chanting songs and waving "Castrate" banners (quite an accomplishment for a teacher against his own students, and a violation of the Student Handbook).

Tyson admired Crystal Mangum, but was part of a very ironic situation: when he was at the lacrosse house protesting in the shadow of the "Castrate" banner, Mangum was dancing, quite limberly, at her strip club (so much for "injuries" and "trauma").

Tyson is also the author of, in my opinion, the most outrageous of all remarks to come out of this case, when he suggested that that Duke students refusing to speak to Mark Gottlieb without presence of their attorneys "may be illegal".

That a professor is so ignorant of the bill of rights and the 6th ammendment is stunning.

#11: Ariel Dorfman

Dorfman is a professor of literature at Duke. He was one of the Group of 88ers. Unlike most of the rest, Dorfman is well-read and accomplished, and has written against injustices before, such as the Pinochet regime in Chile.

In short, not the kind of person that the Gang of 88 would associate themselves with.

Dorfman, in general, has had little to say other than being part of the original statement. I am not really aware of much other controversy he initiated... other than...

Dorfman was one of the signatories on another petition. The petition to free Roman Polanski. Polanski, of course, admitted not only to rape, but to rape of a minor, after drugging his victim, in a case where there actually was a victim. This wasn't even in doubt, and Polanski fled the US after this.

So Dorfman wants to punish the demonstratively innocent, and release the demonstratively guilty.

It is understandable, because Dorfman and Polanski have collaborated before, but the extent of his actions, the man has a lot in common with Pinochet, the very man he campaigns against.

Thanks go to KC Johnson who noticed this.

#10: Houston Baker

We start the top-10 off with a bang. Houston Baker is one of the most vocal members of the Group of 88, who wrote a guilt-pressuming racist screech of a letter, denouncing everything male, white, athletic.

Even his fellows were taken aback, and it prompted the first (and for a long time only) rebuke from Duke, from Provost Peter Lange (Lange was public about it, at a time where the entire world was against the Lacrosse players).

Baker soon left for Vanderbilt where he was hailed as the "leading dissident voice inside Duke University regarding that administration's handling of rape accusations against members of its lacrosse team" (apparently, at Vanderbilt dissident means something other than the Oxford Dictionary Definition.

Furthermore, he was characterized as: "one of the most wide-ranging intellectuals in America today in any field of the humanities. He is prolific and writes to an audience far broader than academic specialties."

When the mother of a lacrosse player (unindicted) wrote to him, asking him for help in a fairly moderate and very friendly letter, the wide-ranging intellectual replied:

LIES! You are just a provacateur on a happy New Years Eve trying to get credit for a scummy bunch of white males! You know you are in search of sympaathy [sic] for young white guys who beat up a gay man [sic] in Georgetown, get drunk in Durham, and lived like 'a bunch of farm animals' near campus.

I really hope whoever sent this stupid farce of an email rots in .... umhappy [sic] new year to you ... and forgive me if your really are, quite sadly, mother of a 'farm animal.'


Trully the words of an intellectual and a professor.

#9: Kim Curtis

One could make a top-88 of villains of just the Duke Professors. Kim Curtis, in my mind, is probably the greatest G88 villain outside of Houston Baker. The reason Houston Baker is behind her on this list: he does a pretty good job at making himself completely irrelevant.

Kim Curtis is a Political Science professor, best known for using grade retaliation against unindicted Lacrosse players, after accusing them of a covering up the rape, a crime for which she should have gone to the authorities if she had proof.

This is not all she is known for. After a scuffle between a Duke student and a few NCCU students (where the Duke student was knocked unconcious), the Duke police increased security. Since there was an event with objective proof, this seemed like a reasonable response. There were no demonstrations, just a few increased patrols.

Curtis was livid, slandering the Duke student (and his female companion), and urging "research on this (knocked unconscious Duke) student and making it public". That a professor would display such hatred for her own students is shocking.

She even repeatedly claimed the female companion lied about such matters on a regular basis.

Then came the Lacrosse case.

Curtis was one of the potbangers, as Liestoppers discovered, and never admitted to it. She presumed guilt and inferred (in writing) that the Lacrosse players covered up a crime (even the ones not accused of rape). She should have gone to the police with such proof.

Of course she had none, and resulted to grade retaliation, especially against Kyle Dowd, who ended up suing the university.

The fact that Curtis still works as a professor is unbelievable. She and her husband/fellow G88, left Duke in 2007. As the Lacrosse case collapsed and her vicious hatred for her students was exposed, there really wasn't much Curtis could do at Duke.

#8: Larry Moneta

Larry Moneta is the VP for Student Affairs at Duke.

As the VP for Student Affairs, Moneta's job is simple: take care of the students entrusted to him. I might be unaware of other job descriptions.

What Moneta should have done, in the wake of the trampling of the Lacrosse player's rights, is to protect the Lacrosse players. These were his students, at his institution, and they were threatened by a bloodthirsty mob waving "castrate" signs and the extremist New Black Panthers Party. Not only that, 88 professors have taken it upon themselves to slander their own students, and Moneta did nothing.

When asked by an attorney to do his job and protect the students, he refused, and when pressed, Moneta replied: "Frankly, Samantha, I don't believe them."

Not much was heard from Moneta until another allegation of rape happened on February 11th, 2007, near Duke University, where a Duke student, a girl, was raped by a non-Duke man. The fact that the alleged victim was white, and the alleged perpetrator was black, had nothing to do with Moneta's vastly different response, of course.

Incredibly, he appears to be blaming the alleged victim:

"It's part of the reality of collegiate life and of experimentation and some of the consequences of students not necessarily always being in the right place at the right time."

So, we have the Duke VP for Student Affairs that goes against his own students, when they are accused of rape, and goes against his own students when they claim they were raped.

This man has twice failed to defend his own students, although in all fairness, he did say that he would help the alleged victim in the February 11th case.

It must have dawned upon him that it is alright if he violates constitutional rights for 46 of his own students, and allows an external mob to run amok on his campus (twice). It might have been harder to explain to his politically correct allies that he does not believe the girl's rape allegation off-hand.

This is not the only time that Moneta was not too concerned with his own stutends. The 'Water Buffalo' incident at Penn was also on Moneta's shift, and while his performance there isn't quite as criminal as the one at Duke, it's still stunning that this man keep being in the position he is in.

#7: Samiha Khanna

Out of all the people on this list, Samiha Khanna is probably the least well-known. This is unfortunate, as she was the only person that was granted an interview with Crystal Mangum, and she co-authored a story that launched the Hoax into the public eye. She painted the false rape accuser as an innocent victim and portrayed the lacrosse players as brutal gang rapists, with no evidence, and against the most basic journalistic standards.

She portrayed Crystal Mangum as a hard worker... which she was - a dozen men in a few days... a devoted mother - who had her driver and random people take care of her kids while she was out, "working hard"... and a serious student - although no one remembers her actually going to class.

Most importantly, Mangum claimed two things in that interview: That the second dancer, Kim Roberts, was also raped, and that the lacrosse players stole her money. Both things never made the paper for obvious reasons, and were quietly dropped even by the police. If she reported those, the case would have collapsed far more quickly, as the evidence would contradict her actual rape claims immediately.

After the Hoax collapsed, Khanna came back to the case, and offered a stunning piece. First, she declines to take credit for her own work/words, blaming Mangum. She built up Nifong's fallen case as something other than the trainwreck that it was. Finally, she tried to cast doubt on Roy Cooper's declaration of innocence.

She pushed the irrelevancy of her earlier work and claimed that it did no damage. Finally, she kept up the mantra of "we'll never know what happened".

It takes uncommon dedication to this case to keep supporting it long after the evidence and proof came to light and showed it as the greatest hoax in american jurisprudence. Samiha Khanna was the proud flagbearer and first contact. We salute her!

#6: Wendy Murphy / (honorable mention: Nancy Grace)
I am loathe to group people together, but in this case, the two are virtually undistinguishable from another. Despite that, let it be clear that it is Wendy Murphy as the undisputed sixth place selection, lying just outside the top 5 worst villains. Nancy Grace was a primary enabler of Murphy, but did enough work to stand out on her own.

It is difficult to summarize what Grace has done, but a more prosecution-friendly figure there wasn't. Grace (who had her own problem with ethics), like Murphy, purports to be a seasoned sexual assault prosecutor.

Let's start with Grace.

On her show, Grace is a wrecking ball. She would loudly and vitriolically shut down any attempt by any of her guests to even remotely suggest such quaint notions like due process, justice, presumption of innocence, probable cause, or any actual rights afforded by the Bill of Rights. She would mock and humiliate (or try to, anyway) her own guests by bombarding them with incorrect, but loud facts. She was a cheerleader for Mike Nifong.

She would routinely make up facts and mention non-existing evidence. She also made collosal errors on the most simple concepts; one of her funniest statements: "There you see the alleged district attorney there in Raleigh-Durham speaking out."

"Alleged" DA? Also, there is no city by that name.

Grace has been silent since the case collapsed.

Now, Wendy Murphy. Ah, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy... I cannot think of a single person in the entire history of modern american justice that has done more for the cause of injustice than her. Starting with the horrific Fells Acres injustice and leading up to the Duke Hoax, Murphy has been at the front lines of many a judicial disaster.

Her dedication to put the innocent behind bars is something to be admired.

I cannot come close to duplicating the amazing work that KC Johnson has done to bring the hoax to light, but his work on Murphy is some of the best written on any topic. KC's 3 main charges against Murphy:

- Making untrue statements

- Presenting wholly unfounded speculation

- Denigrating Due Process

This is from a adjunct "professor" and former "sex crimes prosecutor".

One can assume that Wendy is a fairly smart person, and she is. But long after all of Nifong's supporters abandonned the case, Murphy was still willing to go to bat for the criminal DA.

Much like Khanna, Murphy displayed uncommon dedication to the cause of injustice. She was THE zealot amongst zealots, the longest-lasting supporter of Nifong, willing to take it as far as possible. Unlike Grace, Murphy never gave up, never backed down, and continued to live in her fantasy world until no one cared anymore.

Now we come to the top-5, and while the first batch of villains is debatable, I absolutely do not think these anyone but these 5 will fit in this group. Whereas the others are mostly only talking heads, irrelevant demagogues that have long since fallen out of favor or public eye... These five, alongside Mangum and Nifong, have done enough damage to the justice system and American values, to be felt for a really long time. Let the parade begin.

#5 Brian Meehan

He was the lab director at DNA Security Inc, the private DNA lab that Nifong hired, after the SBIs DNA results came in exonerating all Lacrosse players.

In the first meetings with Nifong, Meehan explained how none of the Lacrosse players DNA was on Mangum. He also explained that there were (about a dozen) other male DNA in her "private" orifices. Given that she said she did not have sexual intercourse for a week before the "rape", and the fact that so many unknown men left DNA was on her, should have been a red flag to anyone even remotely competent.

It wasn't.

The report Meehan prepared did not include this information. He did have to give up the results (about 1800 pages worth), and both him and Nifong thought that the defense did not have the knowledge, and would not have the patience, to go through the entire mount of high-level forensic results to figure it out.

Nifong even told the judge afterwards, when asked by the defense, that no other men's DNA was found on the "victim".

Unfortunately for Meehan, Mangum, Nifong and the throng of their supporters that based their entire ideology upon this case, one of the Duke heroes, defense attorney Brad Bannon, spent an entire month learning DNA, combing over the results, and (per KC Johnson) exposing the Meehan-Nifong conspiracy in a Perry Mason moment (capped by Jim Cooney):

Seligmann attorney Jim Cooney: "Was the exclusion of material the result of a specific agreement between you and representatives of the state of North Carolina?"

DNA Security director Brian Meehan: "Yes".

This was the moment the Hoax was done. Those three letters, Y-E-S, is when the Hoax collapsed.

The ideologues that propped up the case, from feminists to race-baiters, that blame everything from the players to the "rape culture" to the "system", should know that Brad Bannon is the number one reason why this gross injustice was avoided and three innocent people didn't go to jail.

Let me just put it this way: Bannon is a far greater hero than anyone on this list is a villain, and that is saying something.

Meehan was fired. He then sued DNA Security for unjust termination. That alone should give you an idea of the mindset of this man.

#4: Linwood Wilson

He was Nifong's henchman, a "private investigator" with a longer rap sheet than anyone else in this list.

Wilson was the enforcer for a variety of tasks, his most prominent was the arrest of Mozeldin Elmostafa, the cab driver that would prove Seligmann was not at the house at any time Crystal Mangum said she was raped. Between his testimony and Wachovia ATM bank video evidence, Seligmann had an ironclad alibi. Wilson arrested Elmostafa on an "outstanding warrant", but never really questionned him about it, instead asking him if he had any "new" information about the Lacrosse case.

The setting was clear: you have a prosecutor, Nifong, sending a police officer, Wilson, to arrest, coerce, and intimidate a witness that could blow the cover off the Hoax.

This alone should have been enough to convict and jail Wilson. However, it was far from his only crime.

After the December 15 hearing where the conspiracy between Meehan and Nifong to conceal DNA evidence came to light, Wilson was sent to FINALLY interview Mangum about the night in question. A full nine months have passed since the "rape", and this was the first time the prosecution talked to the "victim" about the case. The new story, of course, is that she was not "raped" per se, but instead only assaulted, in order to circumvent the new information. He, of course, did not record this meeting, the police department's last procedural violation in a long line of stunning violations.

Even for someone as unethical as Wilson, this should have been a red flag. Instead, he plowed straight ahead, a last ditch attempt to prop up a case he should have known would die. This proves that he knew his actions to that point were illegal.

Wilson was fired, and then was arrested on charges of threatening his wife (unrelated).

#3: Kendra Montgomery-Blinn

We now come to the top three, the cream of the crap, the most criminal amongst the many evils. We start the list with someone that is probably the least known on this entire list. Montgomery-Blinn is a former Durham Assistant District Attorney who is the first director of the then just-established North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission.

At the Nifong DHC hearing, Montgomery-Blinn gave a fawning performance over just how good Nifong was. As KC Johnson said, this endorsement was stronger than even Nifong's lawyers.

So why is she on this list, and even in the top three?

She is the director of the NC Innocence commission. Let that sink in for a moment. If nothing else, between the Duke Lacrosse and Alan Gell cases, North Carolina proved itself to be dead-last in the concepts of justice and reason. The head of the Innocence commission testifies, at a hearing of Nifong's crimes of framing innocents and trying to put them in prison for almost a combined century... on behalf of the criminal prosecutor.

She also praised no-drop policies and seems to not understand the purpose of courts (insists that anyone that makes an accusations NEEDS to have their day in court).

She continued praising the fact that even with no evidence, a case should go to trial if the prosecutor simply "believes".

Words simply escape me. She was not involved at all with the actual Hoax before the innocence declaration from the Attorney General, and this is why she takes third place and not top honors. The fact that the head of the innocence commission would commit such an atrocity is telling of the justice system in North Carolina.

#2: Mark Gottlieb

In a case where Law Enforcement performed as poorly as this, in a case where so much corruption came to light, in a case where so many criminals were not only supported by the media and the blind followers, and wore shiny blue suits... Durham Police Department Sargeant Mark Gottlieb stands out.

Gottlieb's maliciousness was evident before the case, as he arrested ten times as many Duke students as all other supervisors combined. He trully hated Duke. To put such an evidently biased person in charge of any investigation is paramount to madness, if not outright villainy.

Gottlieb committed many crimes that all but ensured justice could not be served. His main crime consisted of the rigged April 4 line-up to Crystal Mangum, after DNA evidence exonerated the players and proved the Hoax was a... hoax.

The story was ever-morphing and never consistent, but after the original numbers were thrown out (0->20 rapists), the police settled on three. This wasn't clearly communicated with Mangum, as I will mention below.

On April 4th, Gottlieb showed her the mugshots of all 46 white Lacrosse players and told her to select any three. She selected four (this is taped and recorded incidentally), adding yet another number of rapists to her story (she never before claimed 4).

Gottlieb selected two at virtually random (Finnerty and Seligmann), leaving the other two, in limbo. Over a month later, they indicted a third (Evans), leaving out the last one Mangum selected, Matt Wilson. There was no rhyme nor reason to Gottlieb's selection on April 4.

Mangum gave them description of her "three rapists" early in the investigation, and none of the descriptions matched any players on the Lacrosse team, much less any of the 2/3/4 selected. This, of course, was ignored, much like Matt Wilson.

What is frightening about all this is the information having been made available almost immediately. The media, and the people, KNEW of everything as it came out. It didn't take a genius to figure out this was a Hoax, and yet, no one cared. Gottlieb was emboldenned by this, as will future criminals that will frame the innocent.

His second crime, and ultimately his undoing, was his "straight-from memory" notes in July 2006. Gottlieb never took any notes for any of his interviews/interrogations (2 pages for 2 months, actually, in one of the most famous cases in American judicial history), and yet was able to produce a 33-page typed document that plugged any and all holes in the Mangum/Nifong conspiratorial story.

A lot of the people on this are either stunningly incompetent or frighteningly malicious. Gottlieb, like the first selection, proved that he could excelt at being both. This puts him ahead of Linwood Wilson, a far more malicious, but smarter, corrupt police officer.

After his anti-Duke arrest record was revealed, Gottlieb was replaced by Linwood Wilson. Finally, Gottlieb was fired after the case collapsed.

#1: Tara Levicy

There is little doubt as to what villain would earn the top spot in this debacle, after Mike Nifong and Crystal Mangum were discounted. Tara Levicy, the feminist zealot, park ranger turned SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse, was in my mind, the single most important reason as to why this hoax went as long as it did.

Levicy filled a very important role in the hoax. As the only medically endowed ally of Mike Nifong (although those credentials were called into question many times), Levicy did everything in her power to prop him up and to feed him information they both knew was false, under the guise of "expert" respectability.

Levicy discovered the only injury that Mangum had on her when she was brought in: the non-bleeding scratches on her knee and foot. Mangum also had a yeast infection, which caused antoher nurse (Dr. Manly) to note that Mangum had diffuse edema of the vaginal wall, but the only injury that was there was the non-bleeding scratch.

That injury prompted her to evaluate that Mangum was not lying when she claimed rape, and told the police that it was consistent with someone that suffered sexual assault.

Mangum told a large ammount of varied stories about what happened to her, changing many aspects of it, including the ammount of rapists (0 -> 20), the ammount of dancers (she claimed there were 4, even though there were 2), the names, the time, who did what, and various other things. The actions of the second dancer, Kim Roberts, also varied... in one story Roberts was a fellow rape victim, in another a thief, and in others accomplice to rape. The only thing that remained consistent was the lack of condoms.

When the DNA results came back exonerating the lacrosse player (two weeks after the party, before the protests and before any arrests), Nifong needed condoms, and Levicy obliged. This was the first example (of many), where Levicy changed the story to better fit with new developpments.

She also modified the SAER report in several locations. For example, in the notation about whether the alleged rapists had tried to conceal evidence, Levicy had initially entered 'no'. In the version produced on April 5, however, this was crossed out, and 'yes' was indicated, with a handwritten notation 'wiped her off with a rag'.

Levicy will always be remembered as a feminist of the highest caliber, an ideologue that testified that she never encountered a woman that ever lied about rape, and a key person that propped up a falling case for over a year. This was not done innocently, or blinded by ideology. She knew Crystal Mangum was a liar and the Duke Lacrosse kids were innocent, and she did everything in her power to continue the Hoax. She is a criminal of the highest order, and should have been the second person, after Nifong to go to prison. The fact that this was not done will reverberate for a long time, and will hurt future rape victims as well as the future innocently accused.

Her crime is unique in its enormity, even given the company she finds herself in.

Levicy was fired. More than anyone, she escaped with punishment far below her crime.

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And the mass media too. This was the case of the Great White Defendant and they went with this story endlessly. And then were so surprised that Crystal was demonstrated to have lied and the semen sample did not come from any of the accused.