Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chicago: 17 Wounded, 2 Dead so Far, in Early, Regularly Scheduled, Weekend Shootings; the Reporting of Non-Firearm Violence Has been Abolished, Along with Black and Hispanic Perp Descriptions

By A Texas Reader

In the Chicago Tribune.


Anonymous said...

A young white man was just murdered in Chicago's north side by a lurking predator. The police were able to apprehend the suspect because the last train going to the south side had stopped running. The article is in Crime in Wrigleyville, Boystown. The site also mentioned a Boystown store being robbed by a mob of 100 people. The articles reveal how the future is whites as the main prey and mobs overpowering stores.

Anonymous said...

Almost 100 % of violent crime period in Chicago is perpetrated by THEM.

Anonymous said...

NON-gun violence no longer reported. Stabbings. THEY like knives too.