Saturday, May 23, 2015

Coming to Your Town Soon: Mexican Federal Cops Kill at Least 41 Drug Gang Gunmen in Three-Hour-Long Firefight, Lose 2 Men, in Jalisco State

By A Texas Reader

N.S. Keep in mind that the gang-bangers the dictator named “Obama” is importing come from countries with higher crime and murder rates than Mexico.

At the San Antonio Express-News.

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Stan d Mute said...

And of course the irony is the Central American Indians will go to war with America's negroes. Obola and his fellow travelers think they'll ally with the negroes and together take it to whitey. But they are utterly delusional about how thoroughly unlikeable the negro is. NOBODY likes negroes (including most other negroes). These Indians are just a bit smarter (10 IQ points I believe), more organized, and much better funded (via drug smuggling). They'll push the negroes out of street level dealing in drugs as they have in California thus leaving the negro with only welfare and theft/robbery for revenue.

We live in interesting times.