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“A Testament to the Greatest Lie of Our Lifetime”: Ferguson Memorializes Racist, Would-be Cop-Killer Mike Brown with Huge Plaque, as if He were a Scholar/Victim/Hero, Rather than a Vicious Criminal


The real Mike Brown

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Although in the article below Colin Flaherty stands tall, it is otherwise written in a namby-pamby style uncharacteristic of World Net Daily, yet which will make it no friends at Google.

The officer was not charged after formal investigations revealed Brown apparently [apparently?!] attacked the officer and tried to take his gun, and may have been [may have been?!] charging at the officer when the shots were fired.

The article implies that blacks were misled about the circumstances of Brown’s death. They weren’t misled at all. They were simply outraged at a white policeman’s refusal to die at the hands of a racist, black thug.

And this is the way most blacks are nowadays. Note that nine years ago, Chicago black supremacists came this|close to getting a street named after cop-killer Fred Hampton: “Fred Hampton Way.”

Michael Brown plaque called “monument to lie”
“Awful message to send to kids who don't have 2 parents”
Published: 2 days ago

A permanent memorial that will be erected in Ferguson, Missouri, in memory of the late Michael Brown is nothing more than a “monument to the lie,” according to one of several critics of the move just announced by city officials there.

Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It,” believes the real story is how Brown is being remembered as a hero even after local and federal investigations conceded he attacked a police officer.

Brown was the black teen who was shot and killed by a white police officer, an encounter that sparked days of rioting in Ferguson. The officer was not charged after formal investigations revealed Brown apparently [apparently?!] attacked the officer and tried to take his gun, and may have been [may have been?!] charging at the officer when the shots were fired.

Flaherty pins much of the blame for the failure by many to understand that Brown was not the innocent “hands up, don’t shoot” victim as described on [sic] reporters whom he believes were looking to create a myth about “racist” police.

In an interview with WND, Flaherty scoffed, “It will also be a monument to the local and national reporters by the thousands [sic] botched that story, top to bottom, front to back.”

Flaherty believes the monument is a triumph to what he calls “the greatest bait and switch of our lifetimes.”

He observed: “Within 10 days we knew virtually everything we were told was not true. There was ‘no hands ups, don’t shoot.’ No ‘gentle giant.’ No ‘good kid minding his own business on the way to college.’ Yet, the lie persisted long after we knew the truth. And now they have built a monument to the lie.”

Jack Cashill, author of “If I Had a Son: Race, Guns, and the Railroading of George Zimmerman,” is stunned at the boldness of the campaign to honor Brown. He told WND, “To build a memorial to Michael Brown is to perpetuate a lie, but what makes this different from other memorialized leftist lies is that everyone knows it is a lie.”

Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, author of “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America,” blames President Barack Obama and other left-wing leaders for creating a false story of Brown as an innocent victim of white racism.

Peterson told WND: “First they sent White House officials to Brown’s funeral, now they’re elevating this thug into to a civil rights hero. It sends the message that it’s good to be a thug and that you’ll be a hero and worshiped. This is an awful message to send to kids who don’t have two parents.”

Peterson suggests Ferguson will not be the only city where what he calls “thugs” will be honored as heroes. As he put it: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they erected a memorial for Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and others. The liberal black leaders don’t want to promote good citizens because there’s no payoff for them.”

Ferguson city officials this week, on what would have been Brown’s 19th birthday, said they had reached an agreement to remove an informal shrine created at the scene of Brown’s death on Canfield Drive and replace it with a plaque.

Though Brown was killed after attacking Officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014, the plaque contains no acknowledgement of the circumstances of Brown’s death. Instead, the wording of the memorial pays tribute to Brown’s “afterglow of smiles” left behind when his “life was done.”

The confrontation between Brown and the officer sparked riots that pitted the city’s largely white police force and the African-American community.

An investigation by the Department of Justice found “no evidence” to disprove Wilson’s testimony that he feared for his life after being attacked by Brown.

Conflict between police and African-Americans have spread to other cities in the wake of Brown’s death, notably in Baltimore, where riots took place after the death of an African-American man, Freddie Gray, in police custody.

Fox 2 St. Louis reports the stuffed animals, flowers and other objects placed in the middle of the street will be stored by the Urban League. The city has long contended the sprawling memorial was a safety hazard, but the process of negotiating for the removal of the objects from the street took months.

Talk show host, respected commentator, and author of “Dear Father, Dear Son” Larry Elder condemns the message the Brown memorial sends to African-American teenagers.

Elder disgustedly told WND, “If anything, Brown is an object lesson in what happens when you fail to follow police officers’ instructions.”

Elder also believes the Brown case shows the triumph of a created myth about innocent African-Americans being ruthlessly gunned down by racist police.

“In all these other cases, not just here, people are not paying attention to the facts or the evidence, instead pushing a narrative that blacks are being routinely and persistently hounded by white racist cops,” Elder said.

Elder observed such beliefs can have disastrous consequences, pointing to the riots [sic] Baltimore as an example. “Whatever happened to Freddie Gray is still being investigated, but already protesters are simply assuming he was murdered before any investigation is complete.”

Elder believes African-Americans are being steered in the wrong direction to blame racism for all of their problems. While many progressives are sincere and simply mistaken, Elder says, he condemns “race hustlers” who “exaggerate racism” for their own purposes. [“Sincere and simply mistaken”?!]

“It’s all about getting that 95 percent monolithic black vote, without which the Democrats cannot win a presidential election,” he said.

Rev. Peterson says African-Americans are being exploited by white liberals who don’t actually believe, as the slogan puts it, “black lives matter.”

“They’re using blacks to promote their own agenda and most blacks can’t see it because they’re angry,” he said. “Most black Americans, though not all, have bought into the lies that white racism is their primary problem.”

What will be the results of the memorial?

“They think they are building it to honor Michael Brown, but the memorial is really a testament to the greatest lie of our lifetime: That black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism, all the time, everywhere and that explains everything,” Flaherty said.

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NOR must forget the annual Calvin Perry III award in Ft. Wayne IN. Given out by a civil rights organization in the same town each year. Calvin wiped out a whitey family of three in addition to other crimes and then hung himself in jail. But he must have been innocent, his confession notwithstanding.