Monday, May 18, 2015

Mug Shots of Killer Waco Bikers: 20 White, 12 Hispanic, 1 “Black” (Mulatto)

By A Texas Reader and Nicholas Stix

ATR: Looks like some of Jeb's folks and not just white folk.

Wonder if the FBI considers the Hispanics "white."

Click on the photo to enlarge it.


Apparently, no biker is clean shaven.

N.S.: Note how stupid and hardcore the pictures all look. There has been a concerted effort online for several years now, to claim that bikers are really jolly, middle-aged, surfer dude types, and that world certainly exists, but these mug shots exude the very true stereotype of biker thugs that our generation grew up on. Thus, there are at least two biker cultures, and we must always keep that in mind, and therefore have our guard up, any time a group of bikers crosses our path.



Anonymous said...

Lamestream media is loving this biker brawl. Doesn't matter if one guy is black and there are plenty of hispanics mixed up in it, as far the media coverage goes it's strictly a white thing. It's been getting way more coverage than the mass killings in the black community typically get, these biker fights happen once in a while but they aren't a daily occurence. Plus, I can't think of any of those biker fights that ended up killing innocent bystanders, maybe it's happened but I can't recall it every happening. Black gangbangers just can't seem to shoot straight and somehow end up shooting plenty of kids and non gangbangers. Jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The first headline I read about the shootout was "White biker shootout."