Monday, May 18, 2015

Florida Public Sex-and-Pot Bust of 45-Year-Old, White Alternative Charter School Principal and Her Black Charge

By Nicholas Stix

“Educators” promote sex in school; teach “Sex Ed”; and hand out condoms to students; but then we’re supposed to be shocked to find them having sex with students?
JAY GREEN 1 hour ago

The whole world is corrupt .. These hoes aint loyal .. Students and staff fuck each other at charter scschool all the time. Thats what charter schools are for. Its the place where failing educators and failing students meet to charter success collectively. And lastly i could be wronw, but it looks like the student is cock eyed. If he starts rapping and puts out a trap queen type song.. he would shmurda tha game. Akademiks would definitely make him relevant again.

(At the video’s Youtube page.)

At Countenance.

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