Saturday, May 23, 2015

The NYPD’s New PR Strategy: Make Friends with Kool-Aid, Refuse to Provide Basic Details in “Wanted” Twits, While Producing Feelgood Twits About Affirmative Action Police Persons

By Nicholas Stix

I warned about the problem of useless police perp descriptions almost five years ago, in my VDARE report:

“‘I Don't Think It Does Race’—the Rise of Raceless Police Suspect Sketches.”

I responded:

@NYPDnews @NYPD43Pct Male what? Height? Weight? If you were a police agency, you'd automatically provide such basics....

This is the way you would do a perp description if you were a law enforcement agency tasked with catching a bad guy. Unlike you guys, OEM actually cares about finding this missing person. Apparently, you’re some kind of welfare, make-work agency.

In case you’re thinking of coming back with something brilliant like, “When you need us, you’ll call 911,” first of all, you’re not cops. You fled policing to be propaganda officers. Second, I have repeatedly called 911 over the years, including to report shots fired, but you guys refused to come. Maybe the racist black dispatchers refused to dispatch cars. More recently, I caught a prowler on my property, and called the local precinct, but no one picked up the phone, anywhere in the house. Explain why I should pay your paycheck.

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