Thursday, May 21, 2015

Black Thug Suspected of Mass Murder in Washington, DC


The war criminal slaughtered Savvas Savopoulos, 46; his wife, Amy Savopoulos, 47; 10-year-old son, Philip; and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa, 57

Suspected war criminal, Daron Dylon Wint, 34

Thanks to my partner-in-crime, David in TN, for this article.

At The Last Refuge.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the poor kid but the parents paid for their stupidity and love of "dieversity"

Let this be a lesson to others, but it won't.

We will be as bad as South Africa in a few short years.

wilspeak said...

I notice that you are using the words "Black Thug", well I want you to use the words filthy whyte thugs to describe these thugs >>>>

Nicholas said...

Dear wilspeak,

Literacy volunteers may possibly be able to help you, though I cannot guarantee this.

Fuck you very much for writing.