Saturday, May 23, 2015

Reason Writer: Did Columbia University Rape Hoaxer Emma Sulkowicz Organize a Criminal Conspiracy to Destroy Her Victim’s Life?

By Nicholas Stix

The Reason commenter below could just as well be talking about University of Virginia rape hoaxer Jackie Coakley.
tarran|5.20.15 @ 11:49AM|#

Man this story just keeps getting crazier

The thing is that people like Sulkowicz don't just suddenly go off and do this sort of thing as a one-off false allegation.

They do this in *every* area of their life. They do it because it's a successful strategy for getting them what they want, *and* they have to date not faced serious repercussions for this sort of behavior.

They tell big lies and little lies. They go after people who are major figures in their social circle, or total strangers who make the mistake to politely respond to a conversational sally and find themselves snared in a sticky web of false allegations.

And the vast majority of humans, who never would even think of leveling false allegations against *anyone* cannot believe that these people are lying, and bend over backwards to make excuses for them.

I expect that anyone scrutinizing any aspect of Sulkowicz's life will find instances of her making up shit about other people with a wanton disregard for the consequences to them. And it will be like a fractal; no matter how tiny the bit being scrutinized - a year long affair, a two week group project, whatever - there will be lies and smears to bend people to do what she wants them to do.

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Stan D Mute said...

Didn't this Nungesser first choose his negro queer and hardcore feminist social group BEFORE they could turn on him and try to devour him?

Sorry, but I have no sympathy. You choose queer negroes and feminists as your pals, you're no longer of my tribe. That outwardly you might resemble my tribe makes you a greater danger and therefore first in line when the purge comes. When they eat one of their own, it just saves me the trouble.