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Black Obama Fan Slapped White Policeman

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Note that racist blacks not only were not charged with racist hate crimes for committing assault and battery, accompanied by “hate speech” against white policemen, the night the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” was first elected president, they actually initiated fraudulent lawsuits, charging Chicago police with “discrimination” that night. Of course, for blacks, police “discrimination” simply means white cops enforcing the law against black malefactors. And when black cops enforce the law—they just work for the white man.


Black Obama Fan Slapped White Policeman

Sweetness & Light

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Elsewhere in city, gunfire, and a cop gets slapped

November 6, 2008


Not everyone behaved themselves when celebrating U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s historic win Tuesday night [November 4].

Some fired gunshots, a felon accused cops of arresting him “because a black man won for president” and a teenager standing with throngs of passionate revelers used the opportunity to slap a police officer, Cook County prosecutors said.

“White bitches. F— McCain. You white police can’t do nothing,” 19-year-old Celita Hart taunted officers as she stood with a throng of Obama supporters in the 6900 block of South Western Avenue, Assistant State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto said in a court Wednesday. At some point, authorities said, Hart left the crowd, which had been chanting “Obama, Obama,” walked up to a squad car, and smacked a male officer in the face.

Hart was one of a half-dozen charged in Election Night-related arrests. A slew of others facing weapon and reckless discharge violations appeared in central bond court.

None of the incidents occurred in Grant Park, where Obama addressed a giddy crowd of 240,000 late Tuesday.

West Sider Narada Thomas, 23, told police he shot a .22-caliber revolver in the air to “celebrate Obama becoming president,” Scaduto said. And 37-year-old Andre Murph, of Aurora, shot a 9mm into the ground several times in the 700 block of West 60th Place to express his joy, Scaduto said.

“It was an exciting night,” Murph’s attorney James E. Thompson shrugged before Judge Israel Desierto.

While Kenneth Smith, a 24-year- old felon, never stated why he fired three rounds at his residence, in the 6700 block of South Ada Street, he complained that officers only arrested him “because a black man won for president,” Scaduto said.

Peer pressure seemed to get the better of 54-year-old Joseph Morgan, who allegedly was caught holding a .22-caliber gun in the air on his back porch in the 5700 block of South Lowe Avenue.

His excuse, according to prosecutors?

“Everybody else is shooting their guns, I figured, ‘Why not?’ ”

Sweetness & Light:
Funny how there is no mention of a “hate crime” anywhere in this article.

Oh, that’s right. The policeman is white.

Never mind.

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