Monday, May 25, 2015

Re-Thinking Memorial Day

By Nicholas Stix

Black supremacists have inspired me to re-think how I approach Memorial Day. Since they have been waging a war of annihilation on America for generations, it would be improper for me to continue limiting my Memorial Day coverage to those Americans who have fallen in foreign wars. Thus, henceforth, I shall treat victims of the black race war on a par with our foreign war dead.

Lest we forget.


The Knoxville Horror


War crime victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Knoxville Horror: The five known war criminals: Eric Boyd, George Thomas, Lemaricus Davidson, Letalvis Cobbins and Vanessa Coleman; two other war criminals have been identified by DNA, but have yet to be named

My VDARE Knoxville Horror archive.

The Rape and Murder of Anne Pressly


War crime victim Anne Pressly, before she encountered Curtis Lavelle Vance

“Ann Coulter Fans Didn`t Murder Anne Pressly—It was the “Usual Suspect.” But No One`s Apologizing”; and

“‘Someone Who Makes Dogs Bark at Night’: Curtis Lavelle Vance Guilty on All Counts in Anne Pressly Rape-Torture-Murder Trial.”


War criminal Curtis Lavelle Vance, entering the courthouse in Little Rock

The Pearcy Massacre


War crime victim Edward Gentry Sr.

War crime victim Edward Gentry Jr.

War crime victim Pam Gentry

War crime victim Jeremy Gentry

War crime victim Kristen Warneke

L to r: War criminals the late Marvin Lamar Stringer, Samuel L. Conway, and Jeremy Pickney

My VDARE Pearcy Massacre archive.


David In TN said...

Speaking of the Pearcy Massacre, you will remember that the Alleged Ringleader, Samuel L. Conway, was given a new trial early in 2013. I kept waiting foe news of this trial and none was ever forthcoming.

I just did a Google search and found Conway is in the Arkansas prison system under a sentence of "Life w/o." According to the prison site, Conway was sentenced on November 20, 2014, presumably after a trial.

There is NOTHING about this trial on the internet as far as my Google search can find. In other words, even the Arkansas press didn't cover it.

You might need to enlist Mrs. Stix to call the local DA's office office you spoke with several years ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks N.S. you are doing a public service by exposing the home front war crime victims. They are the innocent tax payers taken out by the psychopathic,narcissistic, vindictive undertow.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nicholas Stix :

You may want to consider re-thinking WW2 also, and all the Hollywood WW2 movies you love so much while you're re-thinking Memorial Day. The Hollywood WW2 movies, like everything else we learn about WW2 in our abridged court-historian history text books, is a total lie.

Dresden was a lot more horrific than what's going on the USA today with the blacks attacking us Whites so much and so brutally, which is saying a lot -- Dresden and the carpet-bombing of Germany, Northern France, the seaport cities of Italy, etc.,etc..

This is not to distract or deflect from from what the blacks are doing today in the USA. What the blacks are doing today against us Whites is horrible. I'm just wondering why you celebrate the internecine war we call WW2 -- a war which resulted in 40 million dead Whites -- as you complain about blacks killing Whites. If a black kills a White, that's bad ; If a White kills a White in an internecine war, that's good, and Hey! Let's go to see a movie about it!

From : Salvatore

America's Least Wanted said...

Thanks for noting some of the victims of the War on Whites. What saddens me about Memorial Day is that almost all of them died, and are continuing to die, for no genuine discernible American interest. Odie Faulk,a well known historian of he American West, referred to the Mexican-American War as America's Great Patriotic War.

jeigheff said...

Anonymous / Salvatore,

How can you talk about what the U.S. and its allies did to strike back at the axis powers, without mentioning the wickedness committed by the Germans, Italians and Japanese? Have you ever thought that maybe the rest of the world was provoked?

Anonymous said...

The world was surely provoked, jeigheff, but it was provoked by the Soviet Union, England, and the USA. First and foremost, the world was provoked by the USA, England, and the Soviet Union.

What do you think, jeigheff, about the Communist fomented and provoked Spanish Civil War in the 1930s? A Communist provoked war that was supported by the Soviet Union, England, and the USA?

From : Salvatore