Saturday, May 23, 2015

Meet Latasha Hurtch, Whose Idea of Turning a Buck is to Threaten to Murder 4-Year-Olds


Hurtch: Something tells me her vics were white


Oh, did I forget to say “allegedly”? Why bother, when we know that no blacks are ever guilty of any crime under “the white man’s law,” and are all “victims of racism”?


David In TN said...

I sent the original link to your former friend Jamie S. She's all hot and bothered about Attica inmates "allegedly" being beaten in the 1971 riot.

Nicholas said...

Only as far back as Attica? How long 'til she works her way back to the Middle Passage? She is a lost soul.

Anonymous said...

What species is that feces?Why do they have to burn things after their dirty deeds? Perhaps they get into a tribal frenzy that ignites their inner demons.

Nicholas said...

"What species is that feces?"


"Why do they have to burn things after their dirty deeds?"

My hunch is that her victims were all white, hence, she had no compunctions about murdering the children, and she destroyed the car, so the white owner would lose it forever.