Saturday, June 14, 2014

Zionist Jews Have Conspired to Destroy…

By Stan D Mute

Re: “Israeli Scandal! IDF Caught in Years-Long Cover-Up and Lies about Women’s Unfitness for Combat.”

This is a good counter to the still too common arguments in the race realist community that Jews have conspired to destroy America. Here, it appears Zionist Jews have conspired to destroy Israel. Of course it's also worth noting that a great number of Jews are enthralled with the idea of having sub-Saharan African "Jews" welcomed in Israel and it's in the face of considerable opposition that the current government has kept African invasion in check.

Some day I hope that the dimmer lights among us will realize that cultural Marxism has infected all Western whites and that Christian Universalism has more to do with our downfall than the handful of successful Jews that owns the media. Insanity doesn't care which church it attends.

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