Monday, June 16, 2014

My New VDARE Report is Up! The Wild Ones and the Mild Ones: The One-Sided Fight Over Black Terror Week


The new way to celebrate the holiday formerly known as Memorial Day: Two of the corpses of the three gang-bangers from the Myrtle Beach mass murder, a picture that I got not from the MSM, but from Charleston Thug Life.

The Wild Ones and the Mild Ones: The One-Sided War Over Black Terror Week

On Memorial Day weekend, we honor America’s fallen heroes, who died so that we could be free. However, millions of white Americans were not able to honor the fallen after their fashion this year, because they are not free. Hundreds of thousands of racist blacks have turned Memorial Day weekend into an annual occasion for orgiastic violence. They seek to erase the holiday’s spirit, and even its name.


This year, the national media engaged in their usual non-reporting on mass black violence, while local outlets engaged in cover-ups, showing massed policemen in riot gear, but refusing to use the many videos and photographs that witnesses sent them of the perpetrators, and using euphemisms like “ruckus” to describe the racist mobs. The black mobs operate under cover of terms such as “Bikefest,” “Urban Beach Week,” and “Black Beach Week.”

In South Carolina, the mob’s operations center out of the tiny, majority black town of approximately 340 souls of Atlantic Beach, which sponsors “Bikefest,” aka “Black Bike Week.” According to a city employee who spoke to me on a “not-for-attribution” basis, “300 to 400,000” people came through Atlantic Beach on Memorial Day weekend. The employee told me that the town had no facilities for the bikers to stay in, so that they had to find accommodations “in the surrounding jurisdictions.”

The Myrtle Beach Against Bikefest Facebook page has over 19,000 “likes”

Atlantic Beach has a police force of “one and-a-half officers” …

At night, the 300,000-400,000 black bikefesters went largely to nearby resort town Myrtle Beach, where they raised holy hell. Ten people were shot, three of whom died in a mass murder at the Bermuda Sands Hotel (Devonte Dantzler, 21, Jamie Williams, 28; and Sandy Gaddis Barnwell, 22).

Bikefest supporters draw blacks in, in part via obscene Youtube videos falsely claiming that Myrtle Beach sponsors Bikefest debauchery….

[Read the whole thing here.]


jeigheff said...

My city, Austin, Texas, experiences the Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally once a year. This year's really concluded yesterday, Sunday June 15.

I read this article this morning, and was moved to comment tonight. The big news about the ROT Rally is there is almost always at least one motorcycle fatality every year during the ROT Rally (and none this year, despite some injuries.) Still, I have sometimes wondered about what the ROT rally is really like.

One of my coworkers, who fancies herself a "biker bitch", clued us in at work today. Even though she wanted nothing to do with the "debauchery" going on at the Travis County Exposition Center on Decker Lane in 2013, she and "her man" decided to visit that same place, the heart of the ROT Rally, this year. (Meet old friends, score drugs, something else? I can only guess.)

The Travis County Expo Center on Decker Lane is on the outskirts of Austin, east of the city. Although the bikers drive through the city all weekend and throng Sixth Street (Austin's party street) and other places, they seem be relatively well-behaved in public, at least from my own observation in years past. However, Decker Lane is relatively remote.

My coworker's report surprised me. Although police ringed the convention center where the bikers assembled, people engaged in wild behavior. Apparently it's a popular thing to bring golf carts to the convention center, get drunk and naked, and even have sex in public. My coworker (who is a tester of limits herself) said that she wondered when the police on hand might step in and stop wild, unlawful behavior: "I'm sorry, sir, but you can't do that." She didn't see that happen. In spite of everything she reported, my coworker and her man "had a blast."

This dovetails with reports I've heard of the behavior of black youths on spring break in Galveston. For what it's worth, most, but not all, of the Republic of Texas participants, seem to be white. Also, many of them apparently choose not to partake of the Decker Lane festivities, judging from what I read on the ROT web site myself.

A critic might say that I haven't thoroughly investigated the things I've written tonight. That is true. But in spite of that, I'm not surprised that the good people of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, are repulsed by the behavior of the visitors who descend on their community once a year. Austin's own biker rally hasn't gotten as bad as Myrtle Beach's . . . yet, that is. One thing is for sure: none of us will be getting the complete truth about these events from local news sources.

jeigheff said...

One last thing: my heart goes out to the decent people of Myrtle Beach who have had to endure pure hellishness. But I don't regret sharing an insider's view of the ROT Rally in Austin, Texas either. It's lawlessness to a lesser degree, but it's still degenerate behavior condoned by local authorities.

Anonymous said...

It used to be that black bikers preferred the Harley Davidson hog with all the accessories that could be had.

Now the black biker likes the power bike stripped and capable of 150 MPH stock.

NOT the type of motorcycle you want in the hands of irresponsible people.

And those power bikes COST too.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess if it only once a year just stay in the basement and stay out of the line of fire for several days and you should be OK.

Just once a year.

Anonymous said...

These gatherings of negro motorcyclists used to go under the name of Freaknik.

This is the same or close?

Anonymous said...

Great reporting on a yearly blight that afflicts the coast of South Carolina. Some years ago the NAACP imposed an economic boycott on the state over the Confederate battle flag which used to fly over our capitol's dome. Spineless white politicians caved in to demands that the flag be struck and moved it to a Confederate soldier's monument located at the front of the capitol property. Of course, this was not enough to satisfy the racially aggrieved colored people who then imposed their boycott. One would think the black bikers did not get the memo, but, I suspect, they realize the in-your- face hostility and social headaches they inflict on the Myrtle Beach area every May more than offset any money they spend in the state. Only one detail in the article puzzles me. How did the Carteret County North Carolina Sheriff's Office get involved in this mess? They are quite a distance up the coast from Horry County, South Carolina where Myrtle Beach is located and being in a different state would have no legal jurisdiction. I suppose some sort of inter-agency compact could have been established, but I would not care to work for a sheriff who would expose his deputies to needless risk and liability.