Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Obama Effect: Countenance Explains Whites’ Responses to Public Opinion Polls About Black Dictator



By Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

You'll recall that George W. Bush was down in the twenties in the polls. Nixon was around 23% before resigning.

Obama isn't going to fall much under 40% no matter what happens. With unanimous black support, heavy backing from other nonwhites, along with the hard-core white liberals, Obama has a base number he won't go below.

The two Bushes show a liberal Republican presidency fails. Bush 41 was defeated for reelection. Bush 43 barely beat Kerry and did a LOT to cause Obama's election.

A liberal Republican president is hated by the left anyway for his GOP label. By trying to appease liberals both Bushes alienated their own voters. Thus, both failed.

On the other hand, a genuinely conservative Republican president could hold over 50% of the public.

David In TN