Sunday, June 15, 2014

IRS: Could Obama’s Emailgate Have been an Accident?

By Stan D Mute
Revised at 2:14 a.m., on Sunday, June 15, 2014.

Re: “IRS Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice: Agency Destroyed Thousands of Potentially Incriminating E-Mails.”

It is impossible for a hard drive failure to cause complete loss of email in a government system, circa 2009. First, the email is delivered to a server, from which it may then be retrieved by the user (Lerner). Those messages remain on the server - they don't disappear when the user retrieves them on his desktop or laptop. Second, the email servers are RAID - meaning they are real-time mirrored to a second hard drive. Third, the servers are backed up nightly, and at least once a month hard backups are removed for off-site storage.

The ONLY way her emails were "lost" is by deliberate action involving network administrators with a very high level of access. Lerner would not have been able to "lose" them without help.

This is really the same thing we saw with the Burockuboma "birth certificate" isn't it? Anyone with good technical competence can easily demonstrate the falsehood of the claim. This causes me to wonder if the people responsible are technically incompetent and find the stories plausible, if they know they're implausible but that 90% of Americans won't figure it out, or if they know they're implausible and just don't care, since they know 100% of Congress and the MSM are terrified of the implications? Are they just completely secure in the knowledge that "America's First Black President" is unimpeachable?

Up until now, I didn't believe they would have the temerity to amnesty all the illegals by Presidential pardon. Now? I'm beginning to think that's exactly what they'll do. After all, who will stop them?

N.S.: Another reader just added to the previous item,

I can't dig out the files now to provide links, but the emails were cited in a government report just a year ago (2013). Further, Treasury Department archiving rules demand that emails and attachments be printed out and filed. The IRS is a division of the Treasury Department.

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