Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Newest Iraq Crisis: A Word in Defense of the Terrorist Illegally Occupying the White House

By Nicholas Stix

“‘Exhausted’ Obama Golfs as Terrorists Flood Baghdad,” reads the subject line of an email I received yesterday from a Republican Webzine called Patriot Update. It’s not the first such email I’ve gotten over the past day or so.

Are these Republicans trying to score cheap debating points by presenting the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” as gun-shy, or are they truly desperate to reignite the War in Iraq, and lose more of America’s most gallant young men their limbs and lives, on top of the “first” 4,486 dead and 32,237 wounded,
and cost the white American tax base trillions of dollars more, on top of the first $1.7 trillion, that it can hardly afford?

There are countless crimes on which one can legitimately hit “Obama.” What sort of idiot hits him on issues where he’s not wrong? Is this more RNC mischief at work?

This warmongering sounds like something John McCain would say.


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

One of the lessons of Vietnam was quite clearly that if the people are not willing to fight for their own freedom, we should not fight for their freedom for them.

One of the lessons from the Afgan/Iraq wars was quite clearly that we cannot win the hearts and minds of those forced or born into Islam because Islam has them by the testicles.

If there is a threat, take that threat out as surgically as possible. Our military investment, blood and treasure, should be, almost exclusively, only for us and done so in the most thrifty means possible.

The butcher of Bagdad, Hussein, had to go, not just for us as he was a clear threat, but for the Kurds and other Iraqis being cruelly mutilated and murdered by the 100s of thousands.

In and out, and that is it.

We should stand by Israel, and protect our interests in the ME, but otherwise we should stay out.

Who cares if those miserable Islamics butcher each other? It is in the nature of their culture.

Protect our borders, invest strongly in our military, that is how we should do it.

As Teddy Roosevelt said, walk softly and carry a big stick.

Lastly, liberals should not be in charge of anything that demands responsibility, including our HS and military.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Chris Mallory said...

Sorry, PDK, the defense of Israel is not the business or responsibility of the US tax payer. Israel is not worth one drop of American blood or one ounce of American gold.

Taking out Saddam was not the business or responsibility of the US tax payer. Nothing in Iraq was worth one drop of American blood or one ounce of American gold.

All of our troops should be at home, defending our borders.
Defend our borders with the Navy and Air Force, gut the army and rely on citizen based militias forbidden from ever going overseas.