Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keep Hoax Alive! The Myth of the Central Park Five Lives on


The most prominent of the many victims of the racist black and Hispanic mob, due to her horrific wounds: Trisha Meili, better known as “the Central Park Jogger,” circa 2003

The Central Park Five as teenagers: Heinous, conscienceless criminals, not “victims”: Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Kharey Wise and Antron McCray

By Nicholas Stix

These lefties don’t seem care that their passionate defenses of those who are guilty as hell, discredit the whole notion of false confessions.

“‘False’ Confessions and the Central Park Five.”

One of the most compelling aspects of the infamous “Central Park jogger case,” in which five young boys between the ages of 14 and 16 were convicted of a violent rape, is the question of why all of the boys would have given detailed confessions about the crime that they did not commit—a crime of which they would only be acquitted 12 years after their convictions.

Lauren Kirchner

Kirchner lied: The Central Park Five were never acquitted, and never exonerated. They were, and are, guilty as hell.

I’ve written so much about this case and this myth that I’ll just link to my last two reports for VDARE from this spring.

“It Was Fun”—Robert K. Tanenbaum vs. the Central Park Five, 25 Years Later”; and

“Ken Burns’ THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE: The New TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD—Fiction Designed To Induce White Guilt.”


Anonymous said...

Since you provided the link to your piece on the Central Park Hoax with comments by Robert Tanenbaum, I'm currently reading his 2013 novel, "Tragic." It's about a crooked union boss similar to the Lee J. Cobb character in "On The Waterfront."

It's Tanenbaum's best novel in several years.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

YEP, those five chumps are going to have a whole bundle of money coming there way.

Will blow the bunch of cash on frivolity and drugs and such.

Anonymous said...

I can hear Yusef right now as it was broadcast on TV:

"I held her down while the others raped her and then I hit her on the head with a brick trying to kill her, but I did not rape her!!"

Good old Yusef!!

Mrs. J said...

Madness... White ignorance reigns here. Is there no possibility that they aren't guilty, frivolous, drug addicts. And wonder why so many hate ignorant "niggas" like you.