Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Breaking News in Philly: Illegal Alien Felon Milton Mateo Garcia, 28, from Honduras, Charged with Rape, Kidnapping, Burglary, Robbery of 26-Year-Old Doctor Employed at Hospital of University of Pennsylvania


Milton Mateo Garcia is just the sort of character "Obama" seeks to invite in by the hundreds of millions

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The perp committed the crimes in the Tony Rittenhouse Square section of Center City. Illegal alien Garcia had been deported to Honduras just 12 months ago, i.e., his mere presence on American soil was a felony.

The saving grace in all this is that the illegal alien perp was so stupid that he robbed his vic of her cellphone, and thereby led the cops to him. Note the PPD flack’s pc speak:

The captain said that the attacker's decision to grab the woman on the sidewalk and force her into her own apartment "showed either his boldness or desperation," and psychobabble, in calling it “a very unsettling, disturbing assault.”

It is improper to speak of a rapist as “bold” or “desperate,” and to use psychobabble to describe his crime. The crime’s main characteristic was its violence, which the perp could have escalated to murdering the vic. Doesn’t the psychobabble sound trivial, given the hard reality of the crime?

Restaurant worker charged with Rittenhouse Square rape
By Joseph A. Gambardello, Alfred Lubrano, and Mark Fazlollah
Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 10:17 a.m.
Last updated: Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 6:30 p.m.
Philadelphia Inquirer

A ping from the stolen cellphone of a woman who had been raped in her Rittenhouse Square apartment led police Tuesday to declare the sexual assault solved.

Authorities arrested a 28-year-old kitchen worker from Honduras, Milton Mateo Garcia, on Monday night and charged him with grabbing the woman early Saturday on Spruce Street, forcing her into her own apartment, and raping her.

"For the residents of Rittenhouse Square, we have this guy off the street," said Capt. John Darby, commander of the Special Victims Unit. "You can rest easy today."

He said the brazenness of the attack - that the assailant took her into her apartment without knowing if anyone else was at home - had made police particularly concerned.

About 1:20 a.m. Saturday, the 26-year-old woman was returning to her apartment in the 1900 block of Spruce when a man who had been riding a bicycle approached her from behind.

Police said the assailant might have followed her after she left Ladder 15, a bar near 15th and Sansom Streets, and started walking home.

He grabbed her, saying, "Shut up, don't say anything," according to Darby.

Then, he said, the assailant forced the woman into the building, took her to her upstairs apartment, and assaulted her.
After fleeing the apartment, he may have gone back in to retrieve an item, Darby said. He added that police also believe "he attacked her a second time."

Afterward, he rode away on his bicycle with the victim's cellphone and keys, officials said.

On Saturday, police tracked a signal from her phone to the neighborhood around Eighth and Morris Streets. There, according to Lt. Anthony McFadden, who led the investigation, basic detective work eventually took them to the suspect's address in the 1800 block of South Eighth.

Detectives questioned three residents of the house and released them.

Then, after developing a sketch of the suspect with the help of the victim, police obtained a search warrant Monday and found the cellphone on the second floor of Garcia's address, McFadden said.

Detectives found her keys on the suspect when they arrested him at one of the restaurants where he works.

Darby said that Garcia made a statement to police. Along with rape, he is charged with kidnapping, burglary, robbery, and other offenses.

Tashan, one of the restaurants where Garcia worked, issued a statement saying he had been a part-time kitchen employee for three months and provided "all appropriate documents" for the job.

"Other than showing up for assigned shifts and performing his limited duties, with no customer interaction, Garcia gave us no reason to suspect he was involved in any criminal activity," according to the statement.

On Garcia's block of two-story brick rowhouses in South Philadelphia Tuesday, residents expressed surprise over the arrest.

Cristian Javier Garcia, 19, not related to the suspect, said in Spanish that he and Milton Garcia lived with seven other Honduran immigrants. Cristian Garcia said Milton Garcia worked nights in a Center City restaurant and was friends with his cousin, who also lives in the house.

Because Milton and Cristian's work shifts did not overlap, the two had limited contact. But Cristian Garcia said he considered Milton Garcia to be "good people."

He said Milton Garcia had lived at the house about a year, and his cousin had been there three years. Cristian Garcia's cousin largely oversees the three-story rowhouse.

John Ferlaino, 66, a retired forklift worker and a neighbor of Garcia's, said the suspect was "always going out at 1 or 2 in the morning on his bike."

An hour before the attack, a man with a bicycle and matching the general description of the assailant exposed himself to a 27-year-old woman at 16th and Pine Streets, police disclosed Tuesday.

Asked about that incident, Darby acknowledged that he was aware of it but did not say if investigators believed it was linked to the rape.

Darby said police are investigating to see if Garcia might be involved in other assaults. Garcia has no criminal record in Philadelphia, Darby said.

The captain said that the attacker's decision to grab the woman on the sidewalk and force her into her own apartment "showed either his boldness or desperation," Darby said. "It was a horrific crime, let's face it." He added, "It was a very unsettling, disturbing assault on a young woman."


Philly.com staff writer Michael Klein contributed to this article.


Anonymous said...

Always out late at night on his bicycle. Probably looking for targets of opportunity all the while. I bet a whole assortment of crimes can be attributed to this villain.

Anonymous said...

Had all the documents. His status seemed to be legal. About $200 to $300 and you can get all the documents you want.

Anonymous said...

Those other Honduran sharing an apartment with Mateo, check out their immigration status too.

Anonymous said...

"The saving grace in all this was the illegal alien perp was so stupid."

Not exactly one of those rich, white master criminals the "Law and Order" TV show served up every week.

David In TN

Kyra said...

I lived in Philly from '76 to '81 & I can tell you unequivocally that it was rape city for any woman walking at night. Even in pairs. That was then & I have no reason to believe it's improved now.

Chicago guy said...

Honduras is a pretty violent country, one of the worst. People from there are likely to bring with them the lifestyles of their home country. Employers of illegals probably just check to see if the counterfeit documents are of good enough quality so as to be able to deny knowing they have illegals working for them. Fancy restaurants charging $50-100 for a meal sometimes have low wage illegals working in the back out of sight of the upscale clientele.