Friday, June 27, 2014

Young, Mexican and Central American Criminals (“Children”) Cause Humanitarian Crisis and Enslave American Taxpayers

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Desperately Seeking Desperadoes in Diapers
By Ilana Mercer
June 25, 2014

“The desperadoes in diapers were also said to have fallen victim to a sudden deterioration in conditions in Central America. No proof has been advanced for the claim that, all of a sudden, things in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have worsened. Because they reason in circles, no-border advocates deploy no logic to justify their claims. Only this did these Aristotelians say:

That Central American minors are arriving, hat-in-hand, is in itself proof that their homes have become uninhabitable. Quod erat demonstrandum (as Erik Rush likes to say); Q.E.D.; case proven.

Having been given the go-ahead by media mogul Rupert Murdoch – he came out for de facto limitless importation of Third World immigrants – his employees at Fox News cued the violins. Shepard Smith was weeping and gnashing his teeth…

“The children, the children,” wailed Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. “It’s all about the children. We are the United States, what do we do about the children?” Such showy “humanitarianism” invariably means the following: Working people in the U.S., with children of their own to mind, will be roped into supporting the children of the world. Enslave one set of people to whom American politicians are beholden by law, for the benefit of another.

Where’s the humanity for the non-consenting host population?

Bastiat’s “What-Is-Seen-and-What-Is-Not-Seen” principle is relevant here. While open-border libertines love Bastiat’s elegant argument, they seldom apply it to mass immigration, where these implacable enemies of America choose to see only benefits. Thus, for every mound of cheap strawberries, there are crops of criminals, failing schools, folding hospitals and environmental despoliation….

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Anonymous said...

you know why those children are here?
They are here because of the detrimental effects that the 1% control and power and selfish ways of genocide. If you have not seen what is going on please do not get involved and move to the side....
the creation of confusion and death to the world was created by one race and its not the Latins or the black...step aside ignorance one.let life take its course and stop all this nazi beliefs.what would your children say about this. set an example and change your thoughts .children are children. who are you. your no one. i am a servant to the universe for humanitarian sound like your a scam artist!