Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sports Diversity in Brazil: Violence and Bloodshed Mars Start of the World Cup Amid “Unprecedented” Scenes of Disorder

By A Texas Reader and Nicholas Stix

Too bad the World Cup wasn't held in Iceland.

N.S.: According to my chief of research, this is nothing, compared to last year’s celebration of sports diversity in Maranhao, Brazil. In an amateur game, a player Josenir Abreu player disagreed with referee Otavio da Silva’s call, expelling him, and slugged him. Da Silva naturally responded by stabbing Abreu to death. Da Silva then enjoyed the judgment of Abreu’s loved ones, who stoned, quartered, and beheaded him, and mounted his head on a spike.

Note, too, regarding “unprecedented” scenes of disorder, that riots are the norm following soccer games in Brazil, and each team's fans must enter the stadium through separate entrances, in order to prevent pre-game riots.

Coming soon to America!

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