Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Children’s Crusade + Military Bases Used as Homeless Shelters + NORAD Patrolling American Airspace = Globalists are Now Running the Republic

By A Texas Reader

“There is growing evidence that a surge of tens of thousands of Central American minors across the Mexican border into Texas is being driven in large part by the perception they will be allowed to stay under the Obama administration's immigration policies.”

Why aren't those at the highest levels at the Pentagon whining about military bases being used as homeless shelters for wetbacks?

It's because the Pentagon is in cahoots with the White (sic) House.

Why do you think the Navy's slogan is "A Global Force for Good"?

And why do think NORAD, and not the USAF, patrols the skies above the Republic?

Face it: Globalists are now running the Republic.

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