Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Racism War in the NBA: Donald Sterling Paying Teams of Investigators Big Bucks to Dig Up Dirt on the Other 29 Owners!

By Nicholas Stix

“The Bonfire of the Insanities–Sterling Provides $ To Investigate The OTHER NBA Owners For Racist Remarks” (Steve Sailer at VDARE


Anonymous said...

And a racist remark might include I suppose the use of the world colored or negro.

Or saying "those people sure can jump high".

The slightest even most harmless and not intentional remark can get you in big trouble, depending who the listener is.

Anonymous said...

Off color jokes are being included. NOT merely racist remarks. Whatever a racist remark is.

Anonymous said...

All you need is one person saying something about you even if totally unfounded and you are in trouble.

A mere appearance is enough to have you lose everything.

Chicago guy said...

If the players had been secretly taped I wonder what sort of derogatory comments about other races would have been picked up. Would it be conceivable that black players would get kicked off the team for making racial slurs against others? Or would they get a pass for anything they do as is the case now? It's about time we had some consistency.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Early on when the story broke I knew Donald Sterling would be forced to sell the team. I held out hope he would not.

So when at first Don decided to acquiesce and sell, I was saddened.

Then Don decided to fight for his right to own his team, and also that illegally obtained "evidence" cannot be used against someone.

For example Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, should have done their time in the big house but the FBI erred by wiretapping Bernadine without court orders.

They walked, and America has paid the price ever since.

Everyone should know that NBA negro teams, owned by whites are the modern day plantation setting.

Low IQ and fast flex muscle gives the American negro his serendipitous place on the new plantation. Said negro likes all the positives, earned or unearned, such as incorrectly seeing himself as a superior athlete. Why then should he not accept the negative of a truth once in a while?

There are other goodies such as liberal ideology pairing our young pulchritudinous white women cheerleaders with the lowly negro basketball players, promoting miscegenation and mulattoism.

That is a positive for the negro but a negative for the white.

Why then when a white owner has his hand tipped illegally should the negro feign outrage?

Why should other whites in high positions, such as the NBA commissioner get to pretend he is superior to this expression of racism by nailing Donald as if he also is not a racist here.

No one alive above the age of thirty can deny this reality.

The negro has been pampered too long and too much by white liberal ideology/illusion, which headhunts with a jackboot, crucify to persecute dissenters policy against whites while simultaneously running protection for negros as they practice the thugging, mugging, raping and murdering of white people.

How about a little fair play, honesty and reality. This double standard, always favoring white liberals, their ideology/illusion and their coveted allies, the negros, among others, and always disfavoring the white gene pool/race has outstayed its welcome.

I hope the case begins to destroy the NBA. Let LeBron walk, where is he going to get that many positives for playing a game?

In a new White Homeland this lunacy would never materialize.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

UTEP versus University of Kentucky in that famous basketball game for the college championship.

All negro team against an all whitey team.

Pat Riley was on the Kentucky squad and he said there was a lot of racial trash talk.

And all from the negro directed against the whitey.

NOT the other way around.

HOW so typical.

Anonymous said...

Taping and recording a person without their permission or knowledge in some states is a crime.

As sit is in California. That action of V. Stiviano [or whatever her name is] was a criminal act.