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White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century


The following is an e-mail I just got from Jared Taylor. Jared did not ask me to advertise his new book, but I am all too glad to do so, with my recommendation. I'd have reprinted this advertisement even if I hadn't already read White Identity, based on having previously read Paved With Good Intentions, and hundreds of Jared Taylor's articles. However, I just so happen to have read an advance copy of White Identity, and can confidently say that it is everything that the esteemed gentlemen quoted below say it is, and then some!

Nicholas Stix

Dear AR Supporter,

I would like you to be among the first to know about my new book: White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century. Ten years in the making, it is the sequel to my earlier book, Paved With Good Intentions.

White Identity is the culmination of 25 years of writing about race, immigration, and America’s future. It is my best and most complete statement of why it is vitally important for whites to defend their legitimate group interests.

I believe the careful research in this book leaves no doubt about the crisis whites face, not just in the United States but around the world. It will be eye-opening to those who are already undeceived on the subject of race, but is written in language that makes it a good introduction to racial consciousness for any open-minded reader.

I think White Identity is the most important book I have written.

American readers can find the book here.
British and European readers will find it for sale here.
Or you can send a check for $24.95 to:

American Renaissance
Box 527
Oakton, VA 22124

Please indicate if you would like the book inscribed.

Best regards,
Jared Taylor

Here are comments of people who read the book in manuscript:

Jared Taylor is arguably the most brilliant of the leaders of what is sometimes called the “Alternative Right,” the intellectual movement focused on emergent issues that are now systematically suppressed in America’s purblind public debate. This book, the long–awaited sequel to his seminal Paved With Good Intentions, will eventually be seen as a decisive step forward on the historic American nation’s road to recovery from the paralyzing curse of Political Correctness.
Peter Brimelow, Editor of VDARE.com and author of Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster

In this brilliant and wide-ranging survey of the relevant science and history, Jared Taylor shows that racial consciousness is intrinsic and that efforts to remake human nature are doomed to fail. He shows that in modern America, people of all races prefer the company of people of their own race; that racial diversity is more often a source of conflict than of strength; and that multiculturalism is changing the United States profoundly and to the detriment of most white people.
Dr. Raymond Wolters, Keith Professor of History, University of Delaware

The work of an insightful, well-tempered, and above all, demandingly honest mind, White Identity is especially timely as the white population of America comes under intensifying demographic, political, cultural, and economic pressure from both within and without. Jared Taylor deserves our deep gratitude for declaring that whites must find a way to stand up for themselves in a world in which they are becoming a shrinking minority, even in their own once white-majority countries.
Prof. J. Philippe Rushton, Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario

Jared Taylor offers the reader an open, honest, and frank discussion of the reality of race and race relations in America today. He convincingly argues that unless all the facts, painful or politically inconvenient though they may be, are laid bare then all that follows will be based on false assumptions and doomed to failure.
Dr. Roger D. McGrath, Author/Historian/Television Commentator

White Identity makes shocking and painful reading for any white person who fears for the future of the United States. It is about the relentless demise of whites, about the loss of will to survive, even about the death of whites globally. As Jared Taylor demonstrates in a relentless barrage of data and statistics, whites are being racially, culturally and physically dispossessed by non-whites. The acceptance of multiculturalism as something beneficial when it is barely concealed and often explicit anti-white racism renders whites uniquely vulnerable to the organized racial solidarity of non-whites.
I retain hope. I retain this hope because of the author himself. Jared Taylor embodies all the virtues that made the American Republic: physical courage, wisdom, love of learning, an indomitable spirit and point-blank refusal to live by the Lie.
Dr. Frank Ellis, formerly of University of Nevada, Las Vegas and University of Leeds

Jared Taylor documents the dire consequences of demographic change in the United States. He warns of the deterioration that will follow when and if whites become a minority, and sounds a much needed wake-up call for whites to regain their sense of racial consciousness.
Dr. Richard Lynn, Professor emeritus of psychology, University of Ulster

If you don’t like letting facts ruin your fantasies about race relations and “diversity” stay away from this book!!
Dr. Anthony Hilton, Associate Professor of Psychology (retired), Concordia University, Montreal

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Anonymous said...

definitely worth reading.. I follow 'this stuff' pretty closely, but seeing the degree in which the media is masking, say, black hispanic violence in California, or the degree to which the government socially engineers diversity (and usually fails) was eye opening.