Thursday, May 19, 2011

James Edwards is a Bloomin’ Genius!

By Nicholas Stix

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read James Edwards’ new book, Racism Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Agenda, but I already know that it’s brilliant. Here’s how.

When I heard about its publication, I went to Amazon’s “Look Inside!” function, to see if Edwards cited me. Indeed, he did, at length. If you turn to pages 137-138, you’ll read the following, in the context of a discussion of the long-running TV drama, Law & Order (L&O):

Independent journalist Nicholas Stix wrote about this phenomenon of L&O portraying black and brown murderers as white several years ago. His article is a must-read. Here are a couple of “highlights” from it: In an episode that aired in February 2001, a real-life murder by several black kids who ordered Chinese food and then killed the delivery man is the “basis” of the plot, but on the TV show, the murderers are a bunch of white kids from good homes. In May 2003, there was an episode based on the D.C. snipers, John Muhammad and Lee Malvo, who were, as I’m sure you remember, black Muslims. In the TV show, the D.C. Sniper magically became a white man.

Not all L&O plots are based on true stories. As Stix makes clear, the writers and producers manage to come up with all sorts of gruesome and heinous murder scenarios on their own, and in these outrageous scripts, the homicidal maniacs are almost always white. Of course, L&O is hardly alone in that. Crime shows are very popular, and every week they bring us a new crop of evil white people creating mayhem and killing innocent people. Is it any wonder that millions of people in this country have no idea who’s responsible for so much of the violent crime in America?

Racism Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Agenda.

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