Friday, May 27, 2011

Wall Street Journal: Insufficient Support for Israel Proves That Obama is Un-American

By Nicholas Stix

Simple soul that I am, I thought that being an adherent of genocidal Black Liberation Theology; being devoted to the destruction of America; being simultaneously the citizen of at least three different nations (Kenya, Indonesia, and the U.S.); and being born as, being raised for several years as, and counting still as a Moslem under Islamic law; might call into question the Americanness of the John Doe calling himself “Barack (Hussein) Obama.” But no, that would be too easy, according to the great minds at the WSJ. It is, rather, “Obama’s” lack of loyalty to Israel which marks him as un-American!

Citing Walter Russell Mead, a WSJ blogger asserts,

…Obama's detachment from the Jewish state is of a piece with this evident detachment from his own country.

To be sure, not all Americans feel this kindredness with Israel. Some see it as just another country, the way Obama seems to; others, like Helen Thomas, seethe with a hatred for the Jewish state that boils over into outright anti-Semitism. In between are people who, while not anti-Semitic and perhaps not quite antipathetic to Israel per se, are jealous of it for its claim on American affection. That is the emotion behind the oft-heard claim of “dual loyalty”--a charge that is absurd in light of Mead's insight “that Israel is an American value.”

Disesteem for Israel is rare in America, but it is concentrated in certain cultural pockets, the most notable of which is the academic left. Some of our friends on the right imagine that Obama is a secret jihadist or a hater like his erstwhile pastor. To put it charitably, we think this overexplains matters. The trouble with the president is simply that he spent too much time in the faculty lounge.

Actually, hostility ("disesteem"?!) towards Israel is widespread among approximately 40 million blacks, 50 million or so Hispanics, and six million or so Moslems—over 30 percent of the nation’s “residents”—and spreading like a wild fire, via mass Third World immigration.

And while he was an adjunct lecturer and senior lecturer on constitutional law at the University of Chicago, “Obama” was never an academic. He did not hang around “the faculty lounge,” and (unlike yours truly) never published a single scholarly article, not even a ghost-written one. But the WSJ blogger’s thought processes are so tortuous and dishonest that he qualifies to be a tenured professor!

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Anonymous said...

One I think must see the Israel issue through Obama's eyes. He seems to differentiate between Jews, who are his supporters, and Israelis. He sees Israelis through the neo-Marxist construct of race. Here the Israelis are white people and the Arabs, Palestinians, Muslims, are, in the words of his Attorney General, his people, people of color.

Much of that bleeds through into the Israeli left and leftist Jews in the West. They consider themselves to be people of color, minorities, the oppressed in the West, while their co-religionists are just a bunch of bigoted white people oppressing the holy people of color.

While Republicans are making much about Jewish concern over the 1967 border issue and Obama, they are naive because they think Jews think like Israelis. Jews in the U.S. just think themselves as minorities. They will never vote Republican in any significant numbers.