Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New York Post: Raceless Man Murdered in Queens Home Invasion by Unknown Raceless Perps He Knew


By Nicholas Stix

Twenty years ago, the New York Post stood tall against black supremacism, but its publisher Rupert Murdoch has over the years submitted to same. So far, the nadir of Murdoch’s descent into white Uncle Tommism came two years ago, when black supremacist hoaxer/inciter to mass murder/extortionist Al Sharpton used a racially neutral caricature by the Post’s Sean Delonas as a pretext to a shakedown. That would be Delonas’ combining the stories of the berserk chimpanzee and the stimulus bill battle. Murdoch had a grand chance to stand up to Sharpton which would have made him a national hero, but chose instead to bend over like a prison sex slave. He even started up a “diversity committee,” with Sharpton on board. In intimate moments, I suppose Al tells Rupe, “You my bitch.”

Queens man bound, fatally stabbed during home invasion
By Len Maniace and John Doyle
Last Updated: 2:17 PM, May 3, 2011
Posted: 2:16 PM, May 3, 2011

A 32-year-old Queens man was bound and fatally stabbed during a home invasion by two armed thugs this morning while his mom was in the house, police said.

The mother of victim, Thomas Shanis, managed to call 911 and report that her son had been tied up with tape and stabbed.

She told police the two suspects were armed with knives and guns, and one was wearing a ski mask.

Her son owed the men money, she said.

The mother was not injured in the 10 a.m. attack.

No arrests have been made.

It’s not clear if anything was taken.

A tip ‘o the hat to Lawrence Auster.

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