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Imagine a World Without VDARE


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April 16, 2009

Imagine a typical day—I’m addressing patriots here. You get a few minutes, and start typing "V-D-..." on your computer screen, until your pc remembers the rest of the URL, and voila … nothing.

You want to get a quick roundup on stories about illegal immigration, immigrant mass murder syndrome, non-immigrant visa (e.g., H1-B) abuse, raceless criminals/raceless victims, SPLC hoaxes and scandals, Obamanomics, the minority mortgage meltdown (e.g., updates on the racial and ethnic breakdown of subprime mortgage foreclosures), human bidoversity, the Wars on Easter/Thanksgiving/Christmas, i.e., the War on America, the multicultural abuse of women, immigrant crime and media malpractice … but you can’t, because there is no more

If you’re like most people, you don’t have time to scour the ends of the Web for those stories. That’s what VDARE is for.

Even if you’re a writer, like me, who punches out story after story on the National Question—i.e., will the United States of America, that light unto the nations, endure—you don’t have time to find the stories here and there. That would take all day, and then you’d have no time left for writing.

Let’s say you’re an immigration activist—oh, how I hate the word "activist," but there are people who are doing good things that it describes best, as opposed to those who are engineering race hoaxes and conspiring to extort money from whites—and you need the most up-to-date, vetted, reliable information and talking points to fight the newest amnesty outrage plot. You’re screwed.

VDARE is invaluable, because its top-flight contributors, including its own in-house fact-checker, James Fulford (neither the New York Times nor any other Webzine or blog that I am aware of has its own fact-checker), spend tens of thousands of man-hours annually researching and writing the work that it publishes. But those contributors have to be paid. And I’m proud to be one of them.

Is it possible to fight immigration anarchy without VDARE? Perhaps, but it would be much more difficult, and much less effective. Can the patriotic immigration reform movement successfully beat back “Obama’s” current plan for a massive amnesty of over 22 million illegal immigrants this year without VDARE? No.

VDARE founder Peter Brimelow has not posted any new articles for the past two days, and is in danger of having to shut down the Web site altogether, due to a lack of funds.

“Well, even if Peter does shut down the Web site, there’s still the archives.”

Wrong. The archives exist in cyberspace, only so long as the Web site is up and paid for. They take up bandwidth, just like the Webzine and the blog, and bandwidth is not free.

“Yeah, but Google caches are forever!”

Wrong again. The notion that Google caches last forever in cyberspace is an oft-repeated myth. Usually, when a Web site goes down, its cached pages remain accessible on Google for a few weeks and then, poof, gone forever! Sometimes, the cached pages disappear much quicker.

While you’re imagining life without VDARE, imagine a life in which Spanish has been elevated to the official language of the United States.

Mind you, I find Spanish, when spoken properly, a lovely language. But there are already 22 countries in which Spanish is the primary language; there’s no need for any more. (Puerto Rico is not a separate country!)

Imagine a country, in which whites and Asians must pay “reparations” in perpetuity to blacks and Hispanics; a country, in which people from “non-protected” groups with an IQ of 140 are lucky to get work digging ditches, while people from “protected” groups with IQs of 100 are made professors of engineering and physics; a country, in which Moslems have imposed Sharia law on the courts; and a country which is in a state of permanent racial, ethnic, and religious warfare, with the warring parties differing, depending on the region in question. (I mean, much worse warfare than presently exists in America!) Think of places like Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and India.

If you want to save America, you have to save VDARE.

Please give generously to the VDARE Foundation, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates Your donations are tax-deductible.

Today, I thank you; one day your posterity will, too.

Nicholas Stix

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