Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Anonymous Reader Advances the Stupid Argument on Behalf of Homosexualization of the Armed Forces

A reader responded anonymously to my post, “Lt. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, the Last Man Left in the Army’s Ranks of General Officers, Driven Out for Opposing Homosexualization.”

Anonymous said...

For all of those who are still up in arms over the repeal of DADT, how about looking up the story of Army Cpl Andrew Wilifahrt, who enlisted in January 2009 and was killed February 27th in Afghanistan when an IED exploded during an attack on his unit. He was 31. While he was not fully "out" with his sexual orientation in the Army (due to DADT), his family confirmed that he was gay. They said that when they asked him how he was fairing [sic] in the military being gay he said "Everybody know [sic], nobody cares. Even the really conservative, religious types, they didn't care either." You can see an interview with his mother on Minnesota Public Radio: After listening to his mother, then rant about how the military is being "feminized", and a "social agenda/experiment" is being forced upon our troops..etc..etc.. [sic]

Sunday, May 22, 2011 8:13:00 PM EDT

Nicholas Stix:

What on earth is your point?

You’re talking about someone whose own mother admits was not “out” as an argument for permitting people to serve as open homosexuals. That’s non sequitur #1.

Then you expect me to accept uncritically hearsay statements by his family that other personnel (“Even the really conservative, religious types”) with whom he did not serve while openly homosexual had no problem with his non-openly homosexual service. That’s non sequitur #2.

Based on non-sequiturs #1 and #2, you assume that we must then accept personnel serving in uniform while openly homosexual. That’s non sequitur #3.

Plus, the notion that “really conservative, religious types” would have no problem with personnel serving in the military while openly homosexual beggars belief. You lefties always violate the first law of lying: Plausibility. Apparently, you are convinced that everyone is as stupid as you are.


Hirsch said...


I spent four years in the Army, from '04 to '08. The anon first has to understand that different standards apply to different MOSs (Military Occupation Skills). In other words, what a coed radar unit is willing to assimilate might be a little different than what 11-Bravos (infantrymen) are willing to tolerate. Racial tension, sexual assaults, gang activity, etc. are a part of our post-lowered standard military.

No one knows exactly what the effect of open homosexuality in the military will be. I can guess however, that when it begins backfiring, those who sanctioned this will be far from the petri dish where it all explodes.

Unknown said...

Hirsch said...

Racial tension, sexual assaults, gang activity, etc. are a part of our post-lowered standard military.

Indeed that was the military in the late '70's and '80's as well.

When politicians and activists mess with something in which they do not understand or suffer the consequences of their idiocy.

Expect more of the same.

Anonymous said...

The problem with homosexuals in the military is mostly when they are out. Obviously affirmative action is the first issue, but then when they are out, then issues with sexual competition and harassment begin.

Yeah, homosexuals are ok in the military, so long as they are closeted.