Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What’s Missing from This Headline: “High School Kids Attack 61-Year-Old Teacher”?



Oh, yeah, that “social construction” stuff: “Black High School Kids Attack White, 61-Year-Old Teacher”? Still Better: 16-Year-Old, Black Student Suckerpunches 61-Year-Old White, Female Teacher (Possibly with Brass Knuckles), While His Black, 17-Year-Old Accomplice Films Attack.”

Mobile, Alabama: Meet Randolph Parker, 16, who must presently be a celebrity, though he’s sitting in a jail cell. He’s the star of the video above, in which he sucker punches white, 61-year-old teacher Melinda Rudisill, while Dominick Harris, 17, filmed the attack on his cell phone, at Mobile’s Murphy High School. The two crime partners were caught on school videotape. They had planned the attack, and lounged in the hall outside the Miss Rudisill’s classroom unmolested for eight minutes, waiting to attack her. Parker wore a red bandanna, the uniform of the racist black Bloods gang.

The demographics for Murphy’s 2,568 students look bad: 61 percent non-Hispanic black, 35 percent non-Hispanic white, but its test scores look very good, above the statewide average on most indices. Prosecutor Caroline Siderius says the local middle school is much more violent.

To get an idea of the hell that white teachers routinely endure in racist black schools—if you’ll pardon the redundancy—see the chapter, “Education: Fake Pedagogy, Real Hate,” in The State of White America-2007, which I edited and co-authored for NPI with economist Edwin S. Rubenstein and historian Robert J. Stove.

Both crime partners were charged with second degree assault. Randolph Parker is being held on $250,000 bond; Dominick Harris is being held on $100,000 bond. Melinda Rudisill needed 20 stitches; police believe that Parker used a brass knuckles on her.

A member of Harris’ family started a commotion in the courtroom, and was charged with contempt of court. WKRG News5’s Jessica Taloney reported that the attackers could get up to 10 years in prison, but I would be surprised to see them get more than probation. Although Capt. J.E. Dove of the Mobile Police Department talked tough on camera, and WKRG did report on the case, neither of which would likely have occurred in a progressive place like New York, even in Alabama, white blood comes cheap these days. And note that Capt. Dove failed to state the obvious—that this was a racially motivated attack—and Parker and Harris were not charged with a hate crime.

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jerry said...

A poster on the site linked at AmRen said:

"This video is kinda old. The judge sentenced Parker to a ten year split term. Under Alabama law, the teen is required to serve 80% of his sentence. The judge ordered him to serve three years in a state prison and five years on formal probation."

Frankly, I feel little sorrow for white teachers who teach in predominantly non-white schools - they're not only wasting their talents and lives they're materially contributing to our destruction. Many if not most of them are bleeding heart liberals (that is, white-hating racists), certainly teachers unions and schools are among the most viciously anti-white organizations in the country. They hammer out the ideology of white-hating racism with their "white-privilege" BS and what have you, and there is a direct connection between this ideology and the racist rape and murder of innocent whites on the streets.

jeigheff said...


Some day, no-one will want to even attempt to educate them.

Old Rebel said...

What's missing?

Whether the kid is Presbyterian or Amish.

Nicholas said...

My money's on Amish. They're notorious sucker-punch artists.

Quartermain said...

And they wonder why they have a hard time getting and keeping teachers at those schools.

Jeb60 said...

My late father graduated from Murphy High School in 1939. Needless to say, there were none of these types of outrages then.