Friday, May 27, 2011

“We Just Want the Entire Race Issue to Go Away…. Please Make It Stop”: Reader Complains That My Talking about Race and Crime, Instead of Raceless

Crime, Makes Me “Blatantly Racist,” and “Just Makes Things Harder on the Rest of Us”
By Anonymous and Nicholas Stix

A reader has registered a complaint at my post, “Vanishing American on the 2012 Election: ‘You can have any color you want, as long as it's black.’”

Reader Anonymous is either the most active commenter on my blog, or shares the same name as the majority of my commenters. I am reprinting his comment in its entirety, including typos, with my responses within brackets.

Anon: You might get more comments on your posts if you weren't so blatantly racist.
[Leaving aside the issue of whether my writing is “racist,” “blatantly” or otherwise, your statement raises an empirical question whose answer neither of us knows. But why write on a topic on a blog, where I'm not getting paid anyway, if I'm not going to be honest about it? I could understand your advising me to lie, if it meant turning a dollar, but you're advising me to lie for nothing?!]

I found your page when I googled unreported violent crime in NYC, and your name came up. I don't care if it's primarily black and Hispanics who are committing violent crime. Just go after all violent criminals regardless of race, lock them and report the crimes accurately. [But when I report the crimes accurately, you get mad at me, call me mean names, and hurt my tender feelings. I think you need to make up your mind just what it is you want.] I don't want to turn it into a race issue. [But it is a race issue, regardless of what you want.] Let's just clean up the crime. [But we can’t because that would require massive arrests and draconian sentencing of the people committing 90 percent or more of the crime in many American cities, who just so happen to be black and Hispanic, and who scream “Racism!” whenever the police try to do their job.] Race just makes the waters murky, and often makes otherwise logical comments seem ridiculous. [Speaking of race clarifies matters. Without talking about race, it is impossible to accurately understand crime in America. People would be misled by fraudulent journalists and academics into thinking that the majority of the savage crimes we hear about daily across the country are being carried out by whites, when they are overwhelmingly being carried out by blacks and Hispanics. And what are the “otherwise logical comments” made to “seem ridiculous” by citing the role of race?] The race issue made obscured the real issue, which is underreported violent crime. [The race issue is the real issue. The authorities are underreporting violent crime, because of who is committing it. They and the media are also simultaneously over-reporting crimes, based on the race of the assailants: Not only do the media give saturation coverage to rare gruesome crimes committed by whites, especially almost non-existent white-on-black, or white-on-Hispanic crime, but the feds routinely lie, in counting Hispanic-on-black “hate crimes” as having been committed by “whites,” in order to inflate white crime and white “hate crime” figures.] I'm not saying vital statistic of the crimes shouldn't be part of the public record (sure make public race, age, sex, etc., of both perp an victim), it just shouldn't be a focal point. [But it is the focal point. Millions of times per year, blacks and Hispanics target whites, because the latter are white.] Why? Because the inevitable truth is that most often it's whites who hurt whites, and blacks who hurt blacks. Criminals tend to victimize those in their own communities. [You’re wrong on the facts. Black criminals tend to leave their communities, in order to victimize whites. Even according to the feds’ doctored stats, every year since at least 1987, black criminals have victimized whites more than they have other blacks. How do you account for that? You can’t. You ordered me to cease and desist from stating the facts, but your refusal to confront them led you to make false factual statements. In a related matter, people argue on behalf of open borders by lying about the extent of Hispanic crime. How will maintaining false beliefs, and condemning those who speak the truth help solve our crime problems?]

Most Americans just want the whole race issue to go away. We don't want people pulling race cards. We don't want people using race as a defense. We don't want people using race as an excuse for affirmative action, etc.. We just want the entire race issue to go away.

[Anon, I can’t make it go away. I can only tell the truth about it… or lie. I can’t even ignore it, because public discourse is dominated by people who make everything racial, and who compulsively lie about race. They demand that one either agree with them, or oppose them, in which case they destroy one.]

Years ago, when I was in college, I spent a lot of time and energy convincing my minority friends that most whites we're [?] racist. I didn't witness it in my family, and I shouldn't be made to pay the price for racism that existed before me. Then I see commentators like you who keep perpetuating the divisiveness. You're just making things harder on the rest of us.

Please make it stop.
THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011 5:04:00 PM EDT

[Anon, I am not “perpetuating the divisiveness,” whatever that means. I am not the one causing innocent whites to be targeted by blacks and Hispanics based on the color of their skin, and beaten, robbed, kidnapped, raped, tortured, maimed and murdered, or arrested and even imprisoned on false charges. And it is going to get worse and worse. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, and can get away with sticking your head in the sand, without causing horrific consequences to yourself, your family, or friends. However, millions of whites are going to find themselves dragged, kicking and screaming, away from their holes, and in many cases, as with four of the victims of the Pearcy Massacre, it will take their dental records to identify them. You do know what the Pearcy Massacre was, don’t you?

I can’t “make it stop.” Blacks have been waging a race war on whites for 50-57 years, and Hispanics have been doing the same for over 40 years.

How am I “perpetuating the divisiveness,” and “just making things harder on the rest of us”? Are you saying that whites complaining about black and Hispanic crime are responsible for black and Hispanic crime? Do you understand the concept of logical circularity? Of chronological order? Causality? Moral agency? Shooting the messenger?

You’re not as ignorant as you let on. Your rhetoric stinks of bargaining behavior, Stockholm Syndrome, and scapegoating.

If I die a horrible death, it won’t be through living in denial or lying.

If you want to see where this country is headed, read about the ongoing genocide blacks are conducting against whites in South Africa at Sarah, Maid of Albion.

By the way, do you know of any historical cases in which silence on the part of a targeted victim group in the face of coming genocide saved the group?

Never mind; that was a rhetorical question.]

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Californian said...

One point you might make is this: black leaders choose -- choose! -- to make race an issue when it comes to the number of blacks in jail. They claim blacks are "over-represented" (whatever that means) in prison owing to (yes) "racism." Fine. If black leaders choose to make an issue out of race, they have no right to complain when someone points the the truth, that the reason blacks are in jail in such high numbers is that they commit a disproportionate amount of violent and property crime. Even on the drug issue, one might ask how many blacks charged with drug possession were dealers who had charges plea bargained down to misdemeanors.

The thing is, white people would rather avoid a racial conflict. Yet is is black leaders who keep banging the drum on this issue.

If, as your anonymous correspondent states, that crime is crime and we should not care about the race of the perpetrator, then let us see black leaders stop shouting "racism" on this issue. But it's the same old story. Black leaders can play by a different set of rules than can white people. They are free to play the race card whenever they like.

Let us see your anonymous correspondent inform Al Sharpton et alia that he ought to make the race issue go away. Perhaps he could post his reply on this forum?