Monday, May 02, 2011

Tom T. Hall: Old Dogs, and Children, and Watermelon Wine



Thanks to consman22.


June Bug said...

Tom T. Hall born in a little country town called Olive Hill, Ky. There is a sign welcoming visitors and honors the "storyteller". Indeed, to this day this song is near and dear to my heart, mainly because it is how we used to live and how I would like this country to get back to, it's original roots. Thank you for posting this song Nicholas, it brought back some memories for me.
Your friend, June Bug

Nicholas said...

My pleasure, June Bug.

Thank you for the background information.

I was torn between my desire to show Tom T. performing live and the superior sound quality of this recording.

I don’t know much about the man, but I’d like to learn more. I once checked out his Web site, and I seem to recall recently reading that he came from humble beginnings and had worked at all kinds of crappy jobs, before making it as a singer and songwriter. (I was wondering about the line about “blended whiskey”; shouldn’t that be bourbon?) And though he grew up without a pot to pee in, he is not only a great talent and a decent man, but obviously brilliant. Prior to “diversity,” America had a lot more men like that than she does now.

As for the way things used to be, that’s not a popular view these days, but the more I learn about the way things really were, the more I have to agree with you.