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By Nicholas Stix
April 24, 2009

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As I write this, the pre-game show is on for my beloved, underachieving, overpaid ($138 million) New York Mets, who in a moment will begin their home opener in an old-fashioned-looking, brand new, $800 million stadium, Citifield, in their newest quest to break their fans’ hearts.

Tom Seaver, the greatest Met of them all, will throw out the first ball. Seaver, aka “The Franchise,” aka “Tom Terrific,” should have spent his entire, 20-year career pitching for the Mets, but Mets management screwed up not once, but twice. Embroiled in a personal conflict with Seaver, General Manager M. Donald Grant shipped him to Cincinnati in 1977, in the trade known ever since among Mets fans and beat writers as “the Midnight Massacre.” In return, the Mets got some names that are today the answers to a trivia question. In Cincinnati, Seaver threw the no-hitter that had always eluded him in New York, while the Seaverless Mets returned to their old home in the second division.

In 1983, with GM Frank Cashen’s reacquisition of Seaver via a trade with the Reds, the team got a second chance. However, Cashen blew that one, too, leaving Seaver unprotected from the “free agent compensation pool” before the 1984 season. The White Sox scooped him up.

But time moves on, rosters turn over, and a baseball club can eventually retool and recover from any number of personnel blunders. And so, with a little luck, pluck, and “Billy Buck,” the Mets were able to win the 1986 World Series.

Being so much bigger, you’d think that a nation could more easily recover from a bout or two of bad government. Unfortunately, the reality is the opposite: Working in fast-forward, the corrupt elites of a nation with a welfare state can use mass immigration to destroy that nation within a mere generation.

In 1986, Congress passed, and President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), the first, “one-time” mass amnesty of illegal aliens. IRCA was an unmitigated disaster, rife with fraud, and rather than arresting the problem, “[A]mnesty boosted illegal immigration.”

Since then, in spite of, or more likely because of the federal government’s secret amnesties of an indeterminate number of illegals through at least six forms of stealth mini-amnesties, the number of illegals swelled to first 10 million, and then to over 22 million. Plus, several million children born here as illegals have been redefined by the blackrobed princes of darkness as American “citizens.” America’s criminal elites, who profit off of illegal immigration, have sought repeatedly to push through yet another mass, illegal alien amnesty.

In February, I predicted that the Usurper-in-Chief would attempt to quickly ram through just such an amnesty. Old immigration policy hands scoffed, insisting “Not until his second term.” But earlier this month, that man announced that he is going to try and enact an amnesty this year.

America is currently well on the way to the worst economic depression in her history, with 6.14 million jobless workers receiving unemployment benefits, millions more having exhausted their benefits, additional millions underemployed, and millions more soon to lose their jobs, at a current rate of over 600,000 per month. Not only would a chief executive seeking to bring about an economic recovery never dream of pushing for a mass amnesty, but he would be undertaking accelerated mass deportations, so as to rid America of the multibillion-dollar welfare, education, and criminal justice costs that illegals incur, and to put an end to their stealing of jobs from American citizens and legal immigrants alike.

If there is another mass amnesty, the American nation will never recover. That man and his accomplices in Congress must be stopped., founded at Christmastime in 1999 by Peter Brimelow, has led multiple fights that succeeded in stopping a series of amnesty attempts by the Bush II Administration. VDARE is leading the fight against this newest attempt at nation-wrecking, as well. While pampered, well-paid, mainstream media propagandists produce puff stories designed to dupe the American people into supporting their own destruction, VDARE’s hardnosed writers produce top-flight exposés of the ongoing immigration disaster.

But Peter needs money, in order to pay them. (And I’m proud to be one of them.) Not $800 million, $138 million, or even $1 million, mind you. After over nine years of pulling off wonders, his team still plays like the underpaid, underrated, overachieving, 1969 “Miracle Mets.” VDARE does with mere thousands of dollars what establishment media publications wouldn’t dream possible with anything less than millions.

Please support VDARE with a tax-deductible donation to The VDARE Foundation, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that sponsors VDARE. I thank you, and one day your posterity will, too.

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