Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Remember the James Byrd Jr. Murder? These Cases are Shockingly Similar, Yet the MSM are Silent

Murdered South African Farmer Named

Johannesburg - The Freedom Front Plus on Sunday afternoon identified the farmer who was murdered  last night (Saturday) and his body dragged behind his bakkie (South African truck) outside Ottosdal on Saturday night, as 49-year-old Andre van der Merwe.

The FF Plus expressed shock at the cruelty of the murder and said the government should help ensure the safety of farming communities.

In a statement, FF+ MP Pieter Groenewald said, "The government and minister of police are slow to act against farm attackers, and the rural safety plan still exists only in theory."

According to police, three suspects had entered Van der Merwe's house at about 20:00.

"They held him at gunpoint while they ransacked the house for money, then shot him in the chest, the back, and in the head, then used his own bakkie to drag him for about 1.2km before the bakkie rolled."

According to police's Brigadier Thulani Ngubane the victim's body was still tied to the Toyota LDV when police arrived on the scene on the Ottosdal-Delareyville road.

Full report here.

Let us pray that unlike farmer Johan Strydom last year, and 29-year-old carjacking victim Rozier van Blerk (photos far too graphic to link to), Mr. van der Merwe was dead, or at least unconscious before he was dragged behind the truck.

In other news from the multicultural paradise south of Zimbabwe, an Afrikaner woman, Jeanette Odendaal, was shot dead by a policeman as she sat in a parked car making an emergency telephone call outside a police station in Kempton Park, Gauteng, last Tuesday. (Full report at Censorbugbear.)

at 12:10.

I thank Sarah, Maid of Albion, both for the above report, and for the graphic keeping track of the genocide of white South African farmers.

Please keep in mind that the murdered farmers are merely a portion of the white victims of the campaign of genocide waged by South African blacks against whites since the beginning of black rule in 1994, but to my knowledge, there are no reliable numbers on the number of white non-farmers slaughtered.

This bloody reality contradicts the cant celebrating the “Rainbow Nation,” which the Western media have promoted, including during last year’s Vuvuzela World Cup, to the point of lying outright about it.

Another myth has it that Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years due to his actions as a racial terrorist, is a prophet of racial tolerance. In his dotage, one of Mandela’s hobbies is traveling the countryside, and leading young blacks in a rousing rendition of “Kill the Boer!” “Boer” is Dutch for “farmer” (compare the German: “Bauer”). Thus, Mandela is exhorting his young black cut-throat fans to “Kill the farmer!” While it is impossible to know how many blacks were inspired by Mandela to murder whites, we do know that his hands are drenched in blood.


After the Nazis carried out the Jewish Holocaust, many people in the press and academia swore that they would move heaven and earth to prevent another occurrence of genocide against any group. With a few notable exceptions, the big talk was nothing but sanctimonious posturing. Today, the leftists dominating the antiversity and the MSM support the ongoing genocide in South Africa, and the incipient one in Zimbabwe.

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Speaking of murders, I just did a web search and there is still no news on the Pearcy Massacre trials.

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