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Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Police Corruption

Murder victim Juliet Alexander. 10/04/05
By Nicholas Stix
Updated at 2:44 p.m., on Saturday, May 7, 2011.

NYPD Sergeant Martin Peters is the multicultural equivalent of the tip of the iceberg—revealing what the drive for "diversity" is actually doing to America’s police departments.

Peters is a black race hustler, and, if the state and federal charges against him hold up in court, an illegal immigrant and one-man crime wave, as well.

A one-man crime spree: Illegal alien murderer, NYPD Sgt. Martin Peters.

On June 14, Sgt. Peters was taken into custody outside of his Harlem condo, reportedly after resisting arrest, and was charged with
  • Murder in the Second Degree;

  • Assault in the First Degree;

  • Intimidating a Witness in the Third Degree;

  • Menacing in the Second Degree;

  • Three counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, in the 2001 assault and murder of Juliet Alexander, the mother of his two children, and the shooting of his "best friend," Nigel Callender.

Just two months earlier, Peters had been indicted on three federal charges
  • defrauding HUD out of $38,724 in rent subsidies, by having his parents say they lived alone, when he and his wife (yet another one, apparently) lived with them. Peters’ parents were also indicted.

  • Bankruptcy fraud, for allegedly lying on a 2002 bankruptcy petition, on which he did not count his wife’s income, and on which he said that he paid $849 in rent per month, when he actually paid only $286.

  • Immigration fraud, for allegedly paying an American woman to marry him in
    what is commonly called a "green-card marriage."

Peters came here from Trinidad, as did his murdered wife and former best friend. (Full disclosure: my wife is also an immigrant from Trinidad.)

Although still more civilized than most Caribbean countries, Trinidad is nonetheless sadly in decline. The populace takes pervasive police corruption for granted—including officers who commit murder without being punished. The local media generally avoid the issue. A few years ago, one news photographer who got too close was beaten half to death by police officers. A four-to-five-year tidal wave of rarely-solved kidnappings, initially against wealthy and now merely middle-class East Indians, is also blamed by many East Indians on black officers in the black-dominated police force.

Making matters worse, Trinidad officials hire highly-paid American consultants like Kelly McCann, who insult the intelligence of the besieged populace by telling them to call "Crime Stoppers," to put themselves in the hands of the police, and to refrain from taking any initiatives to protect themselves.

Either Peters or the woman soon dissolved the marriage, invalidating any application he had made for status as a lawful permanent resident alien. But, as Alison Gendar and Nancie L. Katz reported in the June 15 Daily News, somehow Peters was able to become a naturalized citizen in May, 1995. [Fraud-rap officer eyed in gal pal slay]

One month later, he joined the NYPD.

Thus Peters, now 41, is the poster boy for the diverse, urban police force, an agency that hires unfit people based solely on their race or ethnicity, promotes them when they cry racism—as unfit diversity hires inevitably do—and shields them when they commit crimes.

As reported by the Caribbean Voice Newspaper shortly after Juliet Alexander’s 2001 murder, in 2000 she had won a Family Court judgment of $700 per month in child support from Peters for their son, Randall, and daughter, Raneshia, who were then eight and four years old, respectively. The money was garnished from Peters’ pay check. Meanwhile, Alexander was in love with a new man, Robert Allen. The newspaper quoted Alexander’s long-time friend, Ann Marie Thomas, as saying,

"Martin was mad at [the child support judgment]. He told her, 'This is not over yet.'"

"She should have called the police so many times. She used to come to me with bruises and crying, but she was scared calling the cops because he was a cop."

According to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, at the time of her murder Alexander had a family court petition outstanding for an increase in child support. [Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes Announces Indictment Of Police Officer Charged With Murdering His Ex-Girlfriend, press release, June 14, 2005] According to the Brooklyn DA’s office, Peters told Alexander that he was cutting off all her child support, began beating her, and when she tried to escape, shot her to death.

At 9:30 a.m. on January 16, 2001, Alexander, 29, was found dead in her Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn building, shot three times in the head and face. Trinidadian Nigel Callender (now 36) was found in Alexander’s apartment, shot in the head, neck, and hand, and wearing rubber gloves.

Callender had reportedly just dropped off clothes for the children, as a favor to Peters. Callender has been a quadriplegic ever since.

In the hours and days to come, Callender’s story would change repeatedly. Peters had ordered him to kill Alexander; a stranger had murdered her; Peters had murdered her; and back to the "stranger story."

Meanwhile, Peters gained custody of the couple’s two children, who had been cared for by Alexander’s mother, Sylvia Garcia, in Brooklyn.

Peters had reportedly begun pursuing Alexander during the 1980s in their native Trinidad, when she was a mere child whom he drove to school in his taxi. Although Peters was married to another woman at the time of Alexander’s murder, if
Callender is to be believed, in one of those quaint multicultural practices that are increasingly being imported to America, Peters still considered the victim his property.

When Peters was indicted on the federal charges in April, New York newspapers reported that they were meant to "squeeze" him and other parties knowledgeable about the Alexander case.

In the course of that investigation, authorities re-interviewed Nigel Callender, who had just been arrested for immigration fraud, also due to an alleged sham marriage. (Some illegal Caribbean aliens divorce their real spouse—or simply commit bigamy—enter into a"business marriage" for a price, and after becoming a naturalized citizen, divorce the phony spouse, and remarry and sponsor the real one for citizenship.)

Callender now alleges that immediately after Peters shot Alexander and himself, Peters threatened to kill him, his (real) wife, and his children, were Callender to finger him in the slaying; and that days later, Peters came to his hospital room, stuck a gun in the face of the helpless quadriplegic, and repeated the threat.

During a June 27 telephone interview, Peters’ current attorney, Ron Kliegerman, alternated between insinuating that the feds suborned perjury and asserting that Callender simply told them what they wanted to hear, under duress.

Nicholas Stix: What is your theory of what transpired on the morning of January 16, 2001?

Ron Kliegerman: "The person who is now apparently the government’s witness or the people’s witness is the guy that was shot and found at the scene, critically wounded. For the last two-and-a-half, five years, he’s been saying that the person that shot the woman was a stranger. He is, of course, my client’s best friend.

They grew up together, they’ve known each other forever.

So, something obviously has changed his position or his story. He’s been interrogated by the police and the feds numerous times since the time of this incident, and has consistently held to the story that I just said.

(Unclear) who the shooter was, he didn’t know who it was.

"Now, they pick him up, the feds arrest him on some kind of an immigration fraud, keep him (unclear) or some place in New Jersey, interrogate him constantly, and now he’s changing his story. Well, it seems to me that what they did (unclear), they probably told him he was going to go to jail, or he was going to be deported, or a million other things, unless he said that Martin Peters was the shooter."

NS: So, are you saying that you think he’s lying, when he says that Martin Peters was the shooter?

RK: "If he’s saying that, he’s lying."

NS:And do you have any theory, as to who the shooter was?

RK:"Well, he’s the only one who was there. He said it was a burglar or a stranger. He had no idea who it was…."

NS: And what is your defense going to be regarding the charges of immigration, housing, and bankruptcy fraud?

RK: "To tell you the truth, Nick, I haven’t even focused on that yet."

NS: That’s an honest answer.

RK: "I was focused on that until he got indicted for murder."

NS: So, do you think that the authorities who were questioning Nigel Callender recently, actively suborned perjury from him? [I lost Kliegerman and had to call back and repeat the question.]

RK: "Well, I can’t say that they suborned perjury, I just think they kept putting pressure and pressure and pressure until such time as he said what they wanted him to say. And they let him out of jail…."

In today’s legal schizophrenia, "sanctuary cities" like New York break federal laws in order to shield illegal aliens who daily break the nation’s immigration, labor, and tax laws. As long as the illegal aliens do not also commit violent crimes, they are virtually never deported.

But in this case, authorities apparently wielded immigration law as a club with which to beat Nigel Callender into coming clean about what really happened on January 16, 2001.

While it is a crime to suborn perjury under threat of arrest or deportation, it is neither illegal nor immoral for the authorities to threaten someone in order to get him to tell the truth about a crime.

So Mayor Mike Bloomberg, like his predecessors Rudy Giuliani and David Dinkins, orders the NYPD to violate immigration laws mandating local cooperation with federal officials. But in the Juliet Alexander case, the city broke its own illegal rule, and used immigration law to back up state laws.

In other words, New York prosecutors are thoroughly politicized, and thus corrupt – just like law enforcement, both here and in the Third World.

(In case the notion of an illegal alien becoming a law enforcement officer and using his badge to hide a life of crime sounds flukey, consider the case of U.S. Border Patrol agent Oscar Antonio Ortiz. On August 5, Ortiz was charged by the feds with being an illegal alien who got his job using a forged birth certificate, and who while on the clock, smuggled illegal aliens into California. With lax security and anywhere from 13 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S., in a year or two, people may lose count of the illegals discovered in such sensitive positions.)

Someone with a sardonic sense of humor might say, “Well, Peters was an illegal immigrant, but at least he passed the police exam!”

Not necessarily. Peters is black. Black candidates routinely flunk the police exam, yet are hired by the NYPD. In his influential, bestselling race book, Two Nations: White and Black, Separate, Hostile, Unequal, leftist political scientist Andrew Hacker of the City University of New York’s Queens College campus actually celebrated the hiring of blacks who failed the exam.

Meanwhile, psychology professor Linda Gottfredson of the University of Delaware has pointed out that some departments, under political pressure to increase minority hiring, have "racially gerrymandered" their examinations to the point where minority applicants with minimal literacy and no law enforcement experience can pass them, while white applicants with records of both academic and professional excellence in law enforcement mysteriously fail them.

Even aside from their test scores, minority candidates who throw up all manner of red flags are routinely hired by the NYPD. As a consulting psychologist to the NYPD’s Police Academy told me already in 1992, "It's incredible, the pressure to pass people, just because they're minorities. It's all racial. They push, push, push, with people who are inappropriate and are often antisocial themselves."

Some urban forces (e.g., Miami, Washington, DC) have at times refrained from doing background checks of "diversity" candidates, for fear of what they might find. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, New Orleans, Miami, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and other cities across the country have suffered variously from crime waves committed by affirmative action cops, the persecution of white officers and/or criminal conspiracies allying black supremacist groups and black officers, and racist, incompetent, and even illiterate minority officers.

In an infamous 1994 case, the "Dirty 30,"Harlem’s 30th Precinct, had a crime ring of over two dozen police officers, almost all of them Hispanic (the few others were black). In the LAPD’s 1999 Ramparts Division scandal, in which, led by Det. Rafael Perez, dozens of officers had their own crime syndicate, the predominantly Hispanic, criminal police officers were all minority group members.

And in 2002, Philadelphia PD spokeswoman Stephanie McNeil told me that in 2001 alone, quot;We had 26 [predominantly minority] police officers dismissed from the department" for engaging in criminal acts.

More recently in New York, on July 22, Bernard Marti, a 31-year-old “community affairs officer” from Harlem’s 25th Precinct, allegedly shot a 23-year-old patron at a Greenwich Village watering hole, and sought to flee the crime scene. The incident reportedly began because Officer Marti and the patron argued about which Latin American country was superior. But Marti’s colleagues at the diverse "2-5" told reporters he’s a wonderful guy.

Beyond the increasing problem of black, Hispanic, and immigrant police officers who are simply criminals in uniform, is the more common problem of affirmative action hires who, in addition to being unfit for the job, see themselves as sworn not to enforce the law, but rather to aid members of their respective groups, including criminals, the law—and the public—be damned.

Consider an example from Southern California in Victor Davis Hanson’s book, Mexifornia: A State of Becoming. A Mexican woman ran a stop light, and hit the car of Hanson’s daughter. Instead of writing up a report on the accident and ticketing the guilty party, the Mexican-American officer let the offender off—after getting her telephone number—without any points being added to her license, thus cheating the Anglo victim out of justice, and jeopardizing public safety.

A 2001 AP report quoted Jim Pasco of the national Fraternal Order of Police union, elliptically referring to such problems:

"Making better recruitment and hiring decisions on the front end would ease the embarrassment of having to fire officers on the back end.... In almost all incidents, someone who is a lawbreaker after being hired had something in their background that was a red flag....  

"He said an accelerated hiring policy and poor background checks in the Washington, D.C., police department led to the 'Notorious Class of '89.' Over time, more than two dozen officers from that class were arrested and sent to prison for a variety of crimes."

And if you hire them, they will sue. Incompetent, anti-social officers who were hired based purely on their race or ethnicity, have a sense of entitlement that extends to expecting to be promoted, as well.

Last year,Lt. Eric Adams of the segregated, black New York police officers organization, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, a group that has done everything in its power to handcuff the NYPD—for example, getting theStreet Crimes Unit, which had confiscated thousands of illegal guns, disbanded—charged the department with racism for not promoting enough black officers to high-ranking positions.

Adams supported Tawana Brawley years after she was exposed as a race-hoaxer, has spoken on behalf of racial purity in marriage, insisted that black criminal cops were the victims of racism, and damned all of New York’s white police officers as irredeemably racist, and done everything in his power to make life miserable for them. Adams has long demanded "diversity" in precincts, and then instigated lawsuits costing the department millions, when it accommodated him.

And yet, he gets treated like royalty by New York’s mainstream media.

Meanwhile you’ll never guess what Peters’ defenders are saying:

"Peters' relatives … said the NYPD was trying to nail the cop because he had sued the department after being passed over for a promotion, allegedly because he is black." [New York Officer Charged in 2001 Murder by Zach Haberman, Murray Weiss and Hasani Gittens, New York Post, June 15, 2005]

And how about this priceless detail:

“Last year, Peters sued Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and the city, alleging he was wrongly placed on desk duty and denied a promotion following Alexander's slaying.”

AP story in the Jamaica Observer newspaper, 15 April 2005

That means that the “racial discrimination”Peters endured was in being denied a promotion because he was a murder suspect.

Peters’ state case (murder, assault, etc.) has been bogged down with adjournments since June. A hearing on the various motions will be held in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn on October 27, according to a spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.

Did I mention that until her death, Juliet Alexander worked as a Detention Enforcement Officer at a federal immigration facility?

Thus closes the circle.

Today, Trinidad; tomorrow, America.

Well, today too many of America’s police departments already. 

May 7, 2011 update: On September 26, 2006, Martin Peters was convicted of second-degree murder for killing Juliet Alexander, and first-degree assault for shooting Nigel Callender. (Only first-degree assault for turning a man into a quadriplegic?!)

On October 25, 2006, Peters was sentenced to 43 years to life, a mere pittance considering his crimes. He’s bound to be paroled in anywhere from nine to 15 years. Time was, a man convicted of such heinous crimes in the State of New York would have gotten the chair.

Note that the feds seem to have dropped all of the many felony charges they had laid against Peters. Had they successfully prosecuted him, they could have gotten him sentenced to life in prison which, given the race politics behind parole these days, would not have ensured that he never saw the light of day as a free man, but at least would have ensured that by the time he was paroled, he’d be a very old man. As it is, by the time he is freed, he will still be extremely dangerous.

As for those readers who are thinking, “But ICE will put a hold on him and deport him when he’s released,” don’t bet the rent money on it. Mopes like Peters always seem to “fall through the cracks,” and the way Washington’s immigration policy is going, he just might end up with a pardon, an apology, amnesty… and reparations money.

See “Metro Briefing | New York: Brooklyn: Ex-Officer Guilty of Murder”;

“Ex-cop Dubbed ‘Marty the Murderer’ Guilty in Slaying”;

“Saw Her Own Death. Cop in Grim Diary Entry Gets 43 Yrs”; and

“Brooklyn: Ex-Sergeant Sentenced for Murder.”

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No surprises since the end of real reviews of alien marriages. In the old days legacy INS Examiners used to drill aliens applying for adjustment of status by marriage with detailed questioning of their married life, including their sex life. Marriage fraud is now the norm with the end of such questioning.