Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Man Kills His Uncle by Gouging His Eyes Out with a Spoon

Confessed spoon killer, Timayo Sharraud Knight.

By Nicholas Stix

Meet Timayo Sharraud Knight, 31, a once-obscure madman who has gained a measure of notoriety by murdering his 79-year-old, disabled uncle, Bonnie Pogue, by gouging the man’s eyes out with a spoon. Knight committed the attack on April 18; his victim succumbed to his wounds on April 23.

The reader will have noted that I did not say Knight “allegedly” committed the crime; that is because he confessed to police at the crime scene. (Yeah, I got the memo: 'Confessions by black felons never count.' I'm just choosing to ignore the memo. See below.)

Prichard eyeball gouging victim dies; nephew to be charged with murder
By Jillian Kramer, Press-Register, Sunday, April 24, 2011, 6:00 AM Updated: Sunday, April 24, 2011, 12:20 p.m.
Prichard police were called Monday to the 79-year-old Pogue’s Bronner Street home, and found Pogue bleeding from his face.

Later, investigators discovered Pogue’s eyeballs in a trashcan and a bloody spoon on a kitchen counter, according to police. Knight was still inside the house.

Prichard Police Chief Jimmie Gardner told the Press-Register that Knight confessed to detectives that he had "plucked his eyes out" as he was taken from Pogue’s house.

On Thursday, Knight’s bail was set at $250,000, and he remained booked in Mobile County Metro Jail on Saturday.

According to the family, Pogue was a disabled veteran of the U.S. Air Force who grew up in the house on Bronner Street. Knight had helped take care of him.

Darley said Saturday, "The family is very upset. Their son is in the middle of this, and they’ve lost a family member, a brother."

From 2003 to 2006, family members filed several petitions asking the Mobile County Probate Court to involuntarily commit Knight to Searcy Hospital, a psychiatric facility in Mount Vernon.

Knight stayed at the facility twice, and was treated for suffering from paranoid and depressive symptoms.

On Friday, [Knight’s attorney, Jason] Darley said that given Knight’s fragile mental state, he could have falsely admitted to acts that he didn’t commit.

"He may not understand what situation he is in," he said Friday.

Staff Reporter Katherine Sayre contributed to this report.

Defense attorney Jason Darley is combining the “crazy card” ruse with the “innocent-black-men-confess-to-crimes-they-didn’t-commit-all-the-time” dodge. After all, as we all know, no black man is guilty of murder, and a black man confessing to murder is proof of either insanity or innocence.

On rare occasion, an innocent but simple-minded black man has confessed to a crime. The defense bar and journalists who support black felons have joined forces to seek and get countless black felons off, and to make law enforcement’s job impossible.

The basis for the “innocent-black-men-confessing” ruse is the 1963 Career Girls Murders, in which innocent, slow-witted black George Whitmore Jr., 19, was induced to confess to a rapes and murders of Emily Hoffert, 23, and Janice Wylie, 21. The real killer turned out to be psychopathic, white Hispanic drug addict, Richard Robles.

The Career Girls Case was immortalized in fictionalized form as the Emmy Award-winning TV movie, The Marcus-Nelson Murders, starring Telly Savalas, which CBS then spun into the long-running cop series, Kojak. (IMDB.com now claims that the TV movie was merely an episode of Kojak, and has revised its references to the TV movie. Note, however, that the movie was nominated for several Emmys restricted to TV movies and specials, including the Emmy it won in the TV movie category, “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Drama - A Single Program,” as opposed to the category, “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Drama - A Single Program of a Series with Continuing Characters and/or Theme.” As I have previously noted, IMDB.com has a nasty habit of revising history.)

The pro-criminal lobby has also sought to extend the “innocent-black-men-confessing” ruse by adding guilty-as-hell black males, such as the attackers of the “Central Park Jogger,” and even cold-blooded cop killer, Wesley Cook/Mumia Abu-Jamal, to their rolls of the “innocent.”

You’d think the national MSM would be running with such a bizarre crime story, but they are maintaining media silence. Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.

P.S. It just occurred to me that a black kid named Roland Trone tried to gouge out my eyeballs--but only one at a time--in two attacks in my hometown of Long Beach.

Thanks to crime blogger extraordinaire, Nivius Vir.


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Tristan L said...

We shouldn't be too hard on him, at least he's keeping it in the family. That's two Darwin Awards in my book.

Anonymous said...

Not the Roland Trone that sand in the doo wop duo Don and Juan? Heard he died in Long Beach.

Nicholas said...

Re Roland Trone: That must have been the father. He named his oldest son, who was two years older than me, Eddie, and his younger one, who was the same age as me, Roland.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas, I remember a Roland Trone. My guess based on your post is that he might be the same person.

The Roland Trone I knew bullied me constantly at about 8 years old. I was a small kid and did not yet know how to stand up for myself. Once while walking home from the library, Roland was threatening to hit me unless I gave him money. Some teenage kids saw this and a girl said to her boyfriend "are you going to let that kid hit the other one?" The teenage boy got involved and Roland ran off, just like a bully.

Fast forward 10 years. I did not know what happened to Roland between the ages of 8 and 18, but I ran into him in a store.

"Youz Tony" (not my real name) as he looked up at me.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Iz Roland" the punk responded.

At this point, I was 6' tall and 180 pounds of muscle, and the punk was a little shrimp of maybe 5'4 and 120 pounds.

"Damn, youz big" said the little punk shrimp.

I reached forward, grabbed his shirt right under his neck into my fist, gave it a turn to tighten it, and pulled him up right to my face so he was on his toes.

"I remember you," I said. "And yes, I am bigger than you."

I then threw him down to the floor, and watched him land on his backside, as he looked up at me, helpless. I stared him down for a moment before walking out of the store.

I never knew what happened to this punk, but this is proof that this is justice in this world. My only hope is that Roland Trone did not grow up to commit robbery, murder, or terrorize others as an adult, and if he did, he is currently spending his time in prison.