Wednesday, May 27, 2020

With Memorial Day Weekend over, It's Black Riot Season in Minneapolis!

Media, Black Supremacists, and Media Black Supremacists Foment Riots in Minneapolis
By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 6:57:00 P.M. EDT

NNN had it as their third lead--right between an anti-Trump story—of “the President tweeting insults and divisive comments,” according to Peter Alexander.

Holt then showed the vid of “a black man held down by white policemen with their knees. ‘I can’t breathe,’ the black man said repeatedly.”

The mother of [late, black criminal] Eric Garner threw in her two cents, calling it the same thing that happened to Garner. Holt said, “stunning video” (meaning, “Go riot, Minneapolis.”)

Then a white guy suspected of murder followed. Holt has been following this story for two days.

“He’s stealing cars to aid in his escape from two possible murders.”

GRA: This is all you see on “Negro Nightly News.”

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 11:25:00 PM EDT

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Protesters [sic] have surrounded a Minneapolis Police precinct Tuesday night in the aftermath of the death of 46-year-old George Floyd, who died after a violent encounter with police about 24-hours earlier.

RAW VIDEO: Police Fire Flash Grenades At Protesters Smashing Squad Cars

Jeff Wagner

View from atop a church at the intersection of E 38th St and Chicago Avenue, where people are protesting the death of George Floyd. Speaker just told the crowd that a March [riot] will start soon.@WCCO

Jeff Wagner

(Video taken at 5:45pm but wouldn't upload due to service issues).

Protesters [Rioters] began marching from Chicago Avenue to Minneapolis Police’s 3rd Precinct building two miles northeast early Tuesday evening.

Jeff Wagner

View from atop a church at the intersection of E 38th St and Chicago Avenue, where people are protesting [rioting] the death of George Floyd. Speaker just told the crowd that a March [riot] will start soon.@WCCO

View image on Twitter
6:34 PM - May 26, 2020

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“We’re here to let them know this can’t be tolerated, there will be severe consequences if they continue to kill us this will not go on another day,” a protester [rioter] said.

PHOTO GALLERY: Protesters [sic] Clash With [attack] Police After George Floyd’s Death

Police, outfitted in riot gear, started making a barrier around the precinct at about 7:30 p.m. as protesters [rioters] began to swarm.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s real ugly. The police have to understand that this is the climate they have created, this is the climate they created,” another protester [rioter] said.

One video shows some protesters [sic] sitting on the ground, while officers deployed smoke bombs or tear gas and flash grenades. Other videos show protesters smashing squad cars, windows, and throwing bricks and rocks. There have been reports of at least one officer injured [wounded] in the chaos.

“Other videos show protesters smashing squad cars, windows, and throwing bricks and rocks.”


(credit: CBS)

GRA: Holt needs to be fired—he won’t be, of course, the NBC execs are in on this as much as Lesta Holt, but he’s supposed to be a newsman, not an inciter of riots.
-- GRA

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 12:31:00 A.M. EDT

(CBSNEWS) Massive crowds gathered Tuesday to protest at the site where George Floyd was violently arrested a day earlier.

People gathered on the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue, where Floyd was arrested for suspicion of forgery outside a deli. After he was taken into custody, the 46-year-old was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, according to CBS Minnesota.

Four police officers have been fired for their roles in the incident.

Protesters [sic] marched roughly two miles from the site of the arrest to the Minneapolis Police's 3rd Precinct building. According to CBS Minnesota, officers dressed in riot gear created barrier around the precinct, and videos show them using smoke bombs or tear gas, as well as flash grenades, against protesters [sic].

Along with videos of more peaceful protests, several videos posted on Twitter also show protesters throwing bricks and rocks at police cars, and smashing windows. CBS Minnesota reported that at least one officer has been injured.


Sebastian Hawks
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 8:59:00 A.M. EDT
Xi must be laughing his ass off, that any society would tolerate a media in open revolt against it. They seem to be purposely trying to foment race riots. Siding with black criminals against society. It seems the new frontier is blacks have an absolute right to commit crimes freely, without any interference and the media is backing them up at every step. This ain’t gonna end well.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 11:27:00 A.M. EDT


Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted Tuesday night that, “Shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at unarmed [sic] protesters [rioters] when there are children present should never be tolerated. [Get child welfare to arrest the parents, and place the children in care.] Ever. What is happening tonight in our city is shameful. Police need to exercise restraint, and our community needs space to heal.”

GRA: That’s commie talk for, “Let everyone riot. Let them wound or kill police, vandalize, rob and throw bricks without police interference.”

The white mayor is a pu**y and an anti-white Trudeau wannabe—who invited black mobs to gather—and when blacks gather in large numbers, you get a night of chaos.

Omar’s quote will make NNN—Holt loves the angle she’s throwing out there, but unarmed, I highly doubt that. Blackies are the most armed people in the country.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 12:35:00 P.M. EDT

Someone posted this elsewhere. Funny and on target.

Minneapolis demographics from 1950 to 2010 speaks volumes:

Racial composition 2010 1990 1970 1950

White 63.8% 78.4% 93.6% 98.4%

Black 18.6% 13% 4.4% 1.3%

Crime rate. 1000% 500% 10% 0%



Anonymous said...

GRA:A lot of video of blacks doing what they always revert to in situations like this--breaking and entering and stealing.No police to seen,according to Minneapolis-TV9.
You can almost hear the commie mayor tell the police:"Stand down to blackie."
When does the shooting and arson start?

Anonymous said...

COMMENT OF THE YEAR(wish I' d have thought of it)on the blackies looting Target:

"Those joggers are just doing their usual bird watching at Target."


Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS:Los Angeles freeways being blocked by thousands of demonstrators.Is Baltimore,Chicago,St.Louis and Detroit next for potential riots?

Anonymous said...

(FOXNEWS)LOS ANGELES, Calif. – People protesting the use of force by law enforcement shut down part of a Los Angeles highway Wednesday.

Video from above showed a massive crowd of people marching on U.S. 101, blocking an entire side of the freeway.

It appeared that at least one of the protesters was hurt while on the highway. An ambulance responded to the scene and took the person away to be cared for.

Authorities eventually got the protesters off the roadway, but not before a significant traffic jam was formed. The protesters then proceeded to march through downtown L.A. streets, blocking other lanes of traffic.

The Black Lives Matter protest comes two days after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and they mirror the protests happening in Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

GRA:I wondered about arson and got my answer quickly.

Anonymous said...

(KSTP-Minnesota) May 27, 2020 07:49 PM
Protests continued into Wednesday night in south Minneapolis, where Chopper 5 captured video of apparent looting at a nearby Target and other area businesses. Fires have sprung up around the area as well.

Gov. Tim Walz tweeted late Wednesday night, calling the situation near Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue an "extremely dangerous situation."

The situation near Lake Street and Hiawatha in Minneapolis has evolved into an extremely dangerous situation. For everyone's safety, please leave the area and allow firefighters and paramedics to get to the scene.

— Governor Tim Walz (@GovTimWalz) May 28, 2020
The protests are happening in response to the death of George Floyd, who was killed Monday night after an incident that involved Minneapolis Police officers. All four officers involved in the arrest were fired on Tuesday.
(GRA:All four are responsible for his demise?First,we don't know cause of death,do we?Second,no due process(should have suspended them pending an investigation),third,I always heard that if you can talk--you can breathe,so saying "I can't breathe"--means you CAN!When people choke on food,they can't talk. Same principle here applies.

UPDATE: National Guard support requested by city to combat riots in South Minneapolis
Protesters were seen on Chopper 5 footage throwing bottles and rocks at law enforcement, while officers responded with rubber bullets, flash bombs and tear gas to push them back.

Some looters at the East Lake Street Target location were seen walking out with televisions, rugs and other items from the store. Other looters were seen at a tobacco store, a Dollar Tree and a liquor store. Additionally, Cub Foods and an AutoZone is being looted as well.

The AutoZone was set on fire as of 9:30 p.m. It could be seen burning on Chopper 5 video.

A source has confirmed to KSTP that the city requested support from the National Guard late Wednesday night to combat the ongoing riots.
GRA:I told you $1200 wouldn't last long.Now,does this spread to Chicongo and Niggamore?

Anonymous said...

( DAILYBEAST)MINNEAPOLIS—Flames and black smoke poured into the sky over Minneapolis late Wednesday as the second day of protests over the death of George Floyd took a violent turn, with a local business near police headquarters set ablaze and at least one person fatally shot in the area.

Minneapolis Police spokesman John Elder confirmed the shooting shortly before midnight local time, but he did not say if it was connected to the protests, according to the Star Tribune. A video shared on Twitter and purportedly filmed at the scene showed medics frantically trying to save a man lying on the ground; at one point one of the medics can be heard urging people to stay away, yelling, “There’s somebody in there with a rifle, back up! Back up!”

The shooting came amid reports of widespread looting and a major fire at an AutoZone near the police headquarters.
GRA:Well,that's the trifecta I was looking for--looting,shooting and arson.You didn't disappoint me Minnesota thugs.

Anonymous said...

"White 63.8% 78.4% 93.6% 98.4%" Minneapolis 98.4 % white in 1950!!

Hubert, it is easy to be for civil rights when you are from Minnesota. You don't even have half a dozen negroes living in the whole state." Lyndon Johnson in conversation with Humbert Humphrey.