Friday, May 29, 2020

Insufficient Force: Denver Driver Merely Rams Road-Blocking Rioters "Angry" at Police Killing of Black Man in Minnesota (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

By R.C.
Fri, May 29, 2020 6:53 p.m.

Denver driver RAMS road-blocking protesters angry at police killing of black man in Minnesota (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


Anonymous said...

The Denver guy will hang for that.Wait until Holt gets on the case.
Speaking of NNN,Lester,"the behester" got as political as you can be without standing at a lectern or on stage.
"Policeman charged with murder.Was it enough?Crump says 'no,first degree murder was what the famblee wanted.' "(plus a few mill to help us grieve the right way).
At 6:38 pm,Holt tries to dramatically announce:
"We're 8 minutes into this "news"cast,the same amount of time police had their knee on George Floyd's neck,where for 6 minutes Floyd repeatedly said,he couldn't breathe,before becoming unresponsive."
Later,Holt unleashed a commentary,connecting the 100,000 dying from coronavirus(Trump's fault)with "the one man who died in Minnesota" as "both very important events."
In this oration,he veered predictably to a MLK speech,talking about blacks "unable to progress(while Holt makes 5 million a year for inciting and lying)due to racism."
He wrapped up the non-newscast by playing a video of a 12 year old black kid singing(badly at that),"we don't want trouble,we just want to live."
Here's how to live:Don't run around your city streets after sunset--instead,study at home.Don't rob anyone,don't shoot anyone.Get a job.Don't get involved with drugs
.Don't lie.Don't hang out with gangmembers--even if it means being an outcast.
The odds are,90% of blacks will ignore this advice and get into "trouble"--and no matter how much spin Lesta Holt puts on the latest "outrage"--it's purely a black thang.
And that's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

The woman was in fear for her life. She took measures she thought were appropriate. Places like Denver and Minneapolis used to be considered such nice places to live.