Sunday, May 24, 2020

White Woman Arrested for this?!

By An Old Friend
Sun, May 24, 2020 3:36 a.m.

White Woman **Arrested** for **this**?!


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Normal negro behavior is now being characterized as "Coronvirus" caused:
Negroid "female" sucker punches a retail store clerk because they didn't have an item she wanted and the media is pretending it's an anomalous occurrence due to stresses from the pandemic. It's not an anomaly at all, happens all the time. The lying media knows no shame in it's relentless coverup up of racist black violence.

Anonymous said...

She should be given a medal and ticker tape parade

Anonymous said...

Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen pulled another surprise managerial move this week,hiring a fan--who has not been identified as yet--to take over the duties of skipper.The white male,the 41st manager this year for the National Leaguers,wore a mask at all times,due to a virus that appears to be breaking out around the league--and the Mets in particular--after Mike Pence's one day stint 10 days ago.Van Wagenen revealed only that this individual was, "a huge Mets fan."
No other details were released about the mystery manager.
Whoever this person is ,he appears to have an advanced grasp on baseball,as his first three games produced blowout wins over the division leading Atlanta Braves by 11-2 ,10-3 and 14-1 routs.The pitching was dynamic and the hitting lively.
In post game comments Sunday,the victorious,incognito manager described the wins as,"stellar work."
He explained further:"It may sound pessimistic to be cautious,concerning future Mets victories,but anyone labeling me a pessimist cannot be a Mets follower for any length of time.The dichotomy of the situation is,we have the talent-- but can we execute sufficiently enough to realize the potential of that talent--THAT'S the only ponderable left to be answered.With that being said,I expect some changes to the roster,in the near future,that reflect my philosophy of baseball."
The Mets record has rocketed to 4*-40,following last week's two losses to Texas and the 3 wins vs Atlanta this weekend.
When will we know WHO is managing the New York Mets?
"My general manager and I have agreed to release my name if a certain amount of victories are obtained.Until then,Mets fans,the press and the world will have to wait,"was the final quote from the "Masked Manager",as he's been dubbed.
The Mets remain at home,waiting for the Phillies to come to town for a holiday matchup.