Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Racial Terrorist Christian Cooper is Now Asking His Fans to Stop Making Death Threats against the White Woman Whose Life Cooper and His Sister, Melody Cooper @melodyMcooper, Destroyed

By R.C.
Wed, May 27, 2020 10:22 a.m.

"Christian Cooper Asks People to Stop Making Death Threats against Woman Who Called Police on Him in Central Park."

R.C.: Racism?

Like affirmative action, which Donald “Gasbag” Trump supports ardently?


Anonymous said...

She tried to bluff the blackie to leave her alone--that's all her threat was about.If Christian Cooper had left the incident alone instead of posting the video(as would have been the proper move)a minor tiff would have evaporated into the ether.
But blacks can't let a good opportunity go by without causing a conflict where none needed to occur.
If blackie Cooper had minded his own business,whitey would have minded her business and this nothing story never would not have developed as it did.The publicizing of the video was a hateful act and Cooper acting surprised of its ramifications(death threats,firing)is an outright lie at worst and insincere at best.
And she'd still have her job.

Anonymous said...

The woman didn't know The Code. No one can comment on black person's behavior ever. Now she is terrified, gave her dog away, apologized and LOST HER JOB?? Why is it that blacks are happy to get whites fired from their jobs? That just proves that black hate against whites is very real. If they can't rob, rape and murder whites, they will do the next best thing. Make whites destitute.

Looks like the guy does this all the time since he had dog treats in his pocket. Meaning bother dog owners. How many black dog owners has he harassed?

Why is it front page news? It's in the NY Post, NY Daily News and WPIX. She should NEVER have apologized in fear. Now she has PTSD from this creep. Look who commits the real crimes. It's blacks.

I hope karma bites Cooper and his lousy sister in the ass real soon.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... they both have the same last name. Were they married or related? That would be interesting to find out. The clash of the Coopers

Anonymous said...

Cooper is a negro birder? That is a great rarity a negro birder.

Anonymous said...

It is not so much the incident itself but what goes on afterwards that is the real crime.

Anonymous said...

Negro Birder? Yeah right. Sure like all the other Gay men who love The Ramble. It's the place for anonymous sex for gay guys.