Thursday, May 28, 2020

Sights and Sounds of the Racist, Black, Minneapolis Riot

By Nicholas Stix

“Love is all around, no need to fake it.
“You can have the town, why don’t you take it.
“You’re gonna make it after all,
“You’re gonna make it after all!”

Mary Tyler Moore Tribute (The Mary Tyler Show Pilot Opening: 9/19/70)

The following entries came from friends all over the East Coast.

Fox showed some of the footage of the looting of the Target last night, but I got so sick of Hannity’s excuses for this depravity, referring to it as a “protest” that we switched over to the Netflix series on Epstein. We watched the full 4-part series. Quite revealing.

There are some good videos of the rioting on the AmRen website. Worth taking a look.

Interesting coverage in the Daily Mail:

Blacks blast fire extinguisher on wheelchair-bound white woman trying to stop looting of a Target store:

Pawn-shop looter shot dead:

Glad I am not going into the District today. Will keep a wary eye out for Congoids wherever I am.


Anonymous said...

On my tablet,I see nothing.On my cheap little phone,a small pic of Mary Tyler Moore driving.That conjures up an image of Mar ,throwing her cap up in the air and seeing it get shot to pieces like skeet.
A view of Mary driving around her city and catching an eyeful of all the burning and looted buildings,as she passes by,would be quite a contrast of yesterday's Minneapolis and todays.
Just don't get out of the car Mary to help any blacks with broken down vehicles--it won't be Grady(John Amos)--with a big thank you and a smile.It'll be Amos Johnson--just released from prison because of coronavirus--and an axe to grind against white women.

Nicholas said...

Sorry about that, GRA. I had made a small error in my coding, a single quote instead of two before my font size. It should work fine now.

Anonymous said...

I've always seen Sean Hannity as a cuckservative, a Red State propagandist who thinks that races don't differ. For him, it's all the fault of "libtards." He'll never criticize the behavior of violent, primitive blacks.