Friday, May 29, 2020

The Police are Just as Bad as the MSM: They Turned a Racially Motivated, Black-on-White Hate Crime Murder into a “Targeted Robbery Attack”

By Nicholas Stix

If somebody tries to rob you, he approaches you, usually brandishing a weapon (or feigning to carry one), though in New York City there are whites who will hand over their money without one, and says something revealing his motive, like “Gimme your s—t,” as a Hispanic would-be mugger said to me on an elevated subway platform in Brooklyn in January, 1992. (I threw my newspaper in the air, shouted, “Help!,” and ran down the stairs.

On the other hand, if someone shoots you dead from a passing car, without saying anything to the vic about handing over his valuables, or getting out of his vehicle, then that had nothing at all with robbery. That was murder for murder’s sake, and since the perp was black, and the vic was white, it was a premeditated, racially motivated hate crime.

I call such racist, black-on-white murders, target-practice murders. They’ve been committed by blacks all over the country.

I used to think the cops were the good guys, and the fake news media were the bad guys. I have since concluded that both groups are in bed together, and equally the enemies of law-abiding, tax-paying whites.

15-year-old arrested in targeted robbery attack of man walking home in Buckhead; others wanted: Police believe the victim was the target of a robbery attempt.
May 25, 2020

ATLANTA — A 15-year-old has been arrested in connection with an Atlanta murder investigation. Now, Atlanta Police are searching for additional suspects in the case.

APD said around 12:20 a.m. on May 16, the victim, Kevin Humes, was shot in the chest on Habersham Road NE. He died at the scene.

Police said a witness saw two people in a blue or gray vehicle yell “get him!” during the shooting.

Officers said an extensive investigation led them to identify suspects in the case and obtain warrants for felony murder. Police believe Humes was the target of a robbery attempt.

An online fundraising campaign created one week ago describes Humes as a 35-year-old who was “fun, genuine, caring and loved by so many people.” The GoFundMe page claims that he was walking home after being out with friends.

“Under normal circumstances Kevin would have called for an Uber but instead chose to walk given the current Covid pandemic. He was attacked less than a mile from his home,” the page reads.

APD told 11Alive that tips from Crime Stoppers tips were instrumental in assisting their investigation. The 15-year-old was taken into custody on May 23. More arrests are expected.

[A tip ‘o the hate to my “son,” Paul.]


Anonymous said...

I was going to remark about,what I assumed would be,the black Atlanta police chief being the problem-- but the chief is,surprisingly,a white woman(Erika Shields)--who I'll get back to.
The relatively new phenomenon of black police chiefs has changed everything in our cities,from how the descriptions of the crimes being committed are labeled,to how officers respond to them.One thing is certain:black crime flourishes in cities overseen by blacks.
A quick search on Ms.Shields shows an idealist:"she returned a $10,000 bonus to the city"(2018)and a pacifist;"the police chief has instituted a 'no chase policy' for police"(2020)
Today,she pushed for the arrests of the 4 policemen in the George Floyd imbroglio.
"They deserve prison time," she said.
Not very good police work--jumping to conclusions before all the evidence is in--is it?
Meanwhile,black police chiefs will continue to destroy what's left of law and order,by blaming whitey,going soft on black crime and exacerbating the implosion of our cities.Shields is an anomaly at this point racewise--philosophically,she may be completely on the same page as a black chief would be.

Anonymous said...

Humes is a white man. The perp is a colored kid fifteen years. I first got access denied when I went to the link as posted by Nicholas. Found another site with details. A robbery gone bad they will say. As if robberies can go good. Probably a gang initiation rite. Kill a whitey and you in the gang homes. Or motive cannot be determined.

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way...
"Shields, the APD’s first openly gay chief and the second woman to lead the force..."
Which means she's probably more on board with blackie than whitey for deterring crime and punishing it.