Sunday, May 31, 2020

Black Federal Protective Services Officer Murdered in Oakland Identified

By R.C.
Sun, May 31, 2020 4:05 p.m.

Black Federal Protective Services Officer Killed in Oakland Identified

"Federal Protective Services officer shot and killed in Oakland, FBI says" - SFGate

A Federal Protective Services officer was shot and killed Friday night, the FBI reports, as protests and riots [!] took place in the city of Oakland.

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Anonymous said...

Great sign on a WOODTV report about the riots,a sign held by a black that read simply:

No wonder blacks can't get anywhere,they only had to get two words spelled correctly to make a proper sign,but it's too much to ask.Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

"Don't matter if it black or white, brothers will know what I mean." Sure they will.

Anonymous said...

"Great sign on a WOODTV report about the riots,a sign held by a black that read simply:


Anonymous said...

I was listening to a Chicago police scanner during the nightly looting. I heard a police dispatcher state that teens were trying to break into a Synagogue on Delaware.Then I heard that teens were crawling up balconies & that a condo was on fire.These incidents were not reported in the media.

Anonymous said...

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-- GRA