Thursday, May 14, 2020

Forensic Science Revolution, R.I.P.

The Children of Tessa Majors: New NYPD “Reform” Ends Forensic Science Revolution; Affirmative Action Program is Intended to Let Serial Black and Hispanic Murderers, Rapists, and Thieves Go Scot-Free as Reparations; the Wall Street Journal Gives Its Blessing to the Rule of Crime
By Nicholas Stix

Peter Thomas must be spinning in his grave!

I have written for many years on what I call affirmative action justice, where police, prosecutors, judges, politicians (including Donald Trump), and related figures have resolved to grant free crimes to black and brown felons. This movement includes de-policing; defining down deviancy; rogue jurists releasing guilty-as-hell black murderers such as Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and John Artis (Kareem Bellamy, et al.); and academics, alleged journalists, and Hollywood scriptwriters lying through their teeth about blacks and Hispanics and crime.

I was just going through recent emails from a friend, who is a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, and came across this article.

Every paragraph is an obscenity. The writer, a “reporter” for the Wall Street Journal, acts as a “police stenographer,” the old phrase of derision for a newspaperman who acts as a ventriloquist’s dummy for lawmen, and Ben Chapman is doing so for deeply corrupt police brass, Commissioner Dermot Shea, and Shea’s racist, communist boss, Bill de Blasio.

NYPD Overhauls Rules for DNA Evidence in Criminal Cases
Changes are designed to increase transparency and fairness in police use of DNA, NYPD commissioner says
By Ben Chapman
Updated Feb. 20, 2020 5:33 p.m. ET
Wall Street Journal

“The New York Police Department is updating [sic] its rules for the collection and use of DNA evidence, a critical tool that has come under scrutiny for its growing role in criminal investigations and prosecutions, Commissioner Dermot Shea said.”

[Honest English: The NYPD is destroying the use of DNA evidence. Why would DNA testing, one of the most powerful investigatory tools in law enforcement’s arsenal, “come under scrutiny”? I could see a racist crook like de Blasio coming under scrutiny, but a tried-and-true forensic tool?]

“The changes, which include easier processes for the removal of DNA samples from a digital index and limits on the collection of samples from juveniles, aim to build trust with the community and are part of a series of reforms, Mr. Shea said in an interview Wednesday.”

[“The community” refers to cop-hating black supremacists, who will never be placated, short of executing all white cops.]

“Mr. Shea’s move comes as police departments around the country seek to balance privacy and civil-rights concerns as DNA takes on an increasingly important role in investigations and prosecutions.

[“Privacy concerns” means the desire by black criminals and their friends, to get away with murder; “civil-rights concerns” means the same thing. Thus, there’s nothing to balance. It’s merely a move to help out black felons.]

“I think it’s incumbent upon us to make sure that we’re being as fair as possible,” Mr. Shea said at NYPD headquarters. “Anytime you dig your heels in and say, ‘It’s our way or the highway,’ I think you should pause and reflect a little on what you’re doing.”

[But that is exactly what blacks do, and whites always let them have their way.]

DNA evidence is used by the NYPD in hundreds of cases each year, police officials said. One recent, high-profile example is the killing of Barnard College student Tessa Majors, where police say DNA linked Ms. Majors to at least one of the suspects charged in her death.

Partly in response to concerns raised by New York lawmakers and defense lawyers, the NYPD is undertaking a number of changes to increase transparency and fairness in its use of such evidence, Mr. Shea said.

[Translation: Black supremacists, communists, etc., have demanded “reparations” for the crime of arresting one of the black Tessa Majors suspects using DNA testing, and so de BlahBlahBlah is agreeing to pay them off with the destruction of DNA testing.]

The NYPD will begin by conducting an audit of the Local DNA Index System, a database of roughly 82,000 samples from crime scenes and individuals maintained by the Office of Chief Medical Examiner.

Any sample that is more than two years old and isn’t linked to a continuing case or conviction will be flagged for removal, police officials said.

[Thus, serial murderers, rapists, and burglars will get additional affirmative action points, and countless free felonies.]

The department also will streamline processes for people seeking to have samples of their DNA removed from the index, officials said. Individuals acquitted in criminal cases involving DNA may have their samples removed from the index by providing proof of disposition. Previously, a court order was required.

New limits will be placed on the collection of samples from juveniles, NYPD officials said, so that investigators may only collect DNA samples in cases where they are being investigated for felonies, sex crimes, firearm crimes or hate crimes.

[That doesn’t sound like anything new. I’ve never heard of DNA testing being used in a misdemeanor case regarding adult or underaged suspects. The foregoing paragraph just sounds like verbal flim-flam, to make it sound like the new policy has a legitimate side, which it doesn’t.]

New rules for investigators will ensure that when a sample is obtained by consent, a parent or guardian would be notified and can object to the collection, officials said.

[It ain’t over, ‘til the black felon wins!]

The consent form for the collection of DNA samples also will be updated to state that individuals may refuse to provide samples and to specify that the samples may be kept in an index for future use.

DNA is becoming increasingly common in criminal trials, where juries have grown to expect such evidence, said Rachel Singer, chief of the forensic science unit in the Brooklyn district attorney’s office. “It’s the ‘CSI’ effect,” she said.

[This “reform” will give racist blacks and Hispanics, and white supporters of non-white criminals, yet another pretext for voting to acquit them.]

In 2019, the Local DNA Index System yielded roughly 1,550 DNA matches linking samples to individuals in active criminal investigations, police said. At the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, about half of the 490 matches made in 2019 resulted in indictments, Ms. Singer said. DNA also helps investigators clear suspects from crimes, she added.

[What is the relationship of 1,550 to 490? Were the 1,550 for all five boroughs? Is Ben Chapman also incompetent, or just trying to confuse the reader?]

But some law-enforcement practices involving DNA, such as the collection of samples from suspects without their consent and the collection of masses of samples in investigations, are troubling, said New York state Sen. Brad Hoylman, a Democrat who represents parts of Manhattan.

[The hell, they are!]

He has sponsored a bill in Albany that would prohibit local agencies such as the NYPD from maintaining DNA databases, while still permitting the use of DNA in investigations.

[Garbage. Hoylman is working one angle—eliminating the DNA databases—while his comrades eliminate new DNA samples by giving suspects the right of refusal. Together, they will eliminate all DNA evidence in the NYPD’s files.]

Terri Rosenblatt, supervising attorney of the DNA Unit at the Legal Aid Society, New York City’s largest criminal defense group, said the NYPD’s changes don’t go far enough to enact meaningful reform.

“The changes are meaningless,” Ms. Rosenblatt said. “The New York City Police Department’s plan still violates the law and continues genetic stop-and-frisk.”

[She’s a bald-faced liar.]

The New York City Council is to hold a hearing Tuesday in Manhattan on the NYPD’s use of DNA, where lawmakers and police officials will discuss the city’s database, said the council’s Public Safety Committee Chair Donovan Richards, a Democrat from Queens.

[Donovan Richards is from Far Rockaway. He’s a black supremacist and suspected member of the Nation of Islam, due to having been the chief of staff of his predecessor, NOI man James Sanders.]

“We want to hear a lot more about their methods and how they put people in” the DNA database, Mr. Richards said.

N.S.: The Wall Street Journal is dead as a doornail, as a news-gathering source, where “diversity” I concerned. About ten years ago, I read a thing on so-called food deserts, that insinuated that white “racism” caused them, rather than black crime. That was when Michelle “Obama” was ranting on the matter, with the same attitude.

Circa 2008, I read a WSJ story on polling and the Bradley Effect, which took for granted that whites but not blacks were racist. 


Anonymous said...

Why is it that blacks will be able to refuse to give DNA samples,but a suspected drunk driver,refusing to take a breathalyzer test for drinking,means outright guilt of that individual?
Does that make sense?
Anyways,the trend is headed for no crimes/no prisons for blacks.When the Democrats release all the black felons out of the penitentiaries(to make room for the whites to be put away by our new black police chiefs,mayors and such,for yet to be determined "white crimes"),the prisons may be the safest places to be,ten years from now.
Can you imagine a black run America--and the crimes cooked up by blackie to put whites in jail?
Here's a few:
Refusing to give your vehicle up when asked by a black pedestrian(10 year sentence).

Failure to stop and give money to a black in front of a Walgreens,gas station etc(5 years).

White women:Failing to put out with black man who asks for unprotected sex(30 days in blackie's residence--with in-house black "supervision"--meaning group rape)

Looking disdainfully at a black,playing his car radio loudly(2 years plus 1 year added for a "hate crime").

Calling the health department on blacks who store trash in their garages,backyards etc(fine:whites pay the cost of removing the trash plus 6 months in jail).

Many more excuses to imprison whites will be invented by Crump,Merritt,Sharpton,Obama,DuVernay,Abrams,Holder-- our leaders of the future America.

Good luck all.

Anonymous said...

The Irishman is forgetting the OJ case. DNA works well except in the case of OJ. Then all bets are off. Negro offenders of course are framed with their own blood all the time. But again, the Irishman needs to remember the OJ case.

David In TN said...

The hand-wringing over black murders being caught by DNA databases has gone on for decades and is intensifying. Last year a DNA hit caused a black perp to be arrested for the murder of two Alabama white girls (Tracie Hawlett and J.B. Beasley) in 1999. A New York Times piece ( of 3-19-19 by one Heather Murphy said it was through "Genetic Genealogy" as was the Golden State killer.

The NY Times said "Others have raised questions about the excessive weight placed on genetic evidence, when there are hundreds of reasons a match may not be an indicator of guilt."

Hundreds of reasons? Ask "others" to name 50 of them.