Friday, August 30, 2019

Video: The Amish are at It Again! Amish McDonald’s Customer Flies into a Violent Rage, When She Can’t Get a McFlurry!

By “W”


Anonymous said...

My wife asked, "That's a woman?" No, I replied, "It's an Amish Bull."

Anonymous said...

Who's paying for the damage to the equipment?Anyone fired?Anyone arrested?Or just another normal shift at black McDonalds.
At a BK I go to,the favorite line you hear is,"We're short today,we be with you in a minute,some of our people didn't show up today and a couple others left early and didn't come back."
The few whites that work there(and showed up) have to carry the load for the blacks that decided they didn't want to work that day.
A ten minute wait at drive thru is not a shocker anymore.