Friday, August 30, 2019

Breaking: Former Met Wally Backman Arrested for Heinous Crime! He's in Danger of Getting Consecutive Life Sentences!

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N.S.: Obviously, Backman had made a mistake in judgment, in falling for the "victim" in question. What kind of a woman phones the cops, because her boyfriend "shoved" her?

Backman's only mistake was allegedly in initially stopping the female from calling the cops.

She must be looking for a payday.

However, we live in such a matriarchy that even otherwise loving, loyal females are tempted to assault their men, and then call the police on them, hoping that a feminist or mangina will answer the call, and side with the real perp. Feminazis have even gotten laws enacted that, under such circumstances, the man must be arrested.

Former Mets second baseman Wally Backman was arrested Friday morning for allegedly shoving his...
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AUG 30, 2019



Anonymous said...

Not Wally!How will Ward and June explain this to the Beaver?
What?Oh,never mind.

Anonymous said...

Updated 3:04 p.m. EDT Aug. 29, 2019

Cousins' ex-girlfriend and the mother of his 7-year-old son filed a police report Friday, about two hours after she alleged Cousins threatened to "put a bullet in your (expletive) head.” The phone conversation was recorded by Cousins’ ex-girlfriend and a copy was provided to the Mobile (Alabama) police department. Footage was released by TMZ on Tuesday.

Mobile police spokesperson Charlette M. Solis told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday that "an arrest warrant has been issued.” The third-degree harassing communications charge was listed on the Mobile municipal court website, although no other information was provided.

“Yes, a warrant has been signed,” Cousins' ex-girlfriend told USA TODAY Sports in a text message Thursday.

USA TODAY Sports does not identify alleged victims of domestic abuse.

Defense attorney Mary Kristen Galanos, who is not involved in the case, said that a suspect is subject to arrest in Alabama after an alleged victim signs a warrant in a misdemeanor case.

“They aren't going (to) send a SWAT team out for him,” said Galanos of Shane A. Taylor & Associates. “What usually happens is that the person is picked up on a routine traffic stop.”

Galanos said since the investigation has garnered so much interest, Cousins’ attorney would likely set up time for Cousins to turn himself in to police, when he’d be processed and released. The charge is a Class A misdemeanor, meaning Cousins would face a maximum of a year in jail.

Galanos said it’s unlikely Cousins would serve much if any jail time if convicted or if he takes a plea in the case.
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