Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Black Detroit Jury Acquits Black Man of Raping White Woman Based on this Video?

By A Texas Reader
Wed, Aug 28, 2019 8:34 p.m.

From an attorney here in Dallas.

Black Detroit jury acquits black man of raping white woman based on this video?

O.J. Simpson syndrome. I saw several horrific verdicts of black men raping white women who were acquitted by all-black juries when I was a prosecutor in New Orleans. Why? Makes you wonder if the jury system works-especially in this horrific social environment, where blacks are being constantly told of white privilege-of how white racism is is so prevalent. Bulls**t. The elites-especially the liberal media and academia-are pushing racial hatred and divisiveness. This is not going well, and certainly will not end well.

N.S.: It's like I've said. the L.A. cops could have caught O.J. Simpson in the act, and that racist jury would still have acquitted him.

Jurors Acquitted Mateen Cleaves, Prosecutors Say this Video Proved His Guilt


Anonymous said...

Found this in my mailbox.Too much to paste.

Anonymous said...

"Not guilty.Now,any other white bitches want to meet me at a shi*hole motel?That's where I give free autographs out and lots of DNA."
These stories are basically the same with all black men--if you are a white woman and you meet them at a motel/hotel--you're going to get screwed/raped--maybe not just by one black either.
So the assumption is,the white female is not at the dive motel to discuss politics.Bottom line:White women,stay away from the black gorillas or anything that happens will be blamed on YOU.