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Irresponsible Decision Not to Vaccinate Illegal Aliens Puts U.S. at Risk

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Editorial Editor and Vice President
Scott Gillespie
Editorial Editor and Vice President
Good morning,
A boneheaded decision by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) could make this an especially dangerous flu season for all Americans.
Immigration officials don't plan to vaccinate those held in detention centers along the U.S. border, telling CNN that "In general, due to the short-term nature of CBP holding and the complexities of operating vaccination programs, neither CBP nor its medical contractors administer vaccinations to those in our custody."
That would be a risky decision if the holds were of the "short-term nature," the Editorial Board writes today, but it's even worse reasoning in light of the Trump administration's announcement last week that it plans to confine migrant children and families indefinitely.
Coming this weekend: Star Tribune Opinion will have plenty for you to read beginning with late Saturday postings and continuing through Labor Day. Commentary D.J. Tice provided this preview:
"Frequent contributor Bonnie Blodgett salutes the centenary of St. Paul's literary icon F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose first novel appeared in 1920. She argues that Fitzgerald's often misunderstood portraits of the tasteless new and complacent old rich of his time  portraits that were by turns sympathetic and angry  have much to say to us today, as inequality, corruption and a reconsideration of economic systems continue to dominate public debate.
"Monday, Labor Day, brings a legal analysis concerning discrimination and the marketplace as contributor Robert Trousdale previews an array of cases the U.S. Supreme Court will take up in October that threaten, he says, the workplace rights of transgender employees." 
In his column, Tice explains the federal appeals court ruling that handed a victory last week to wedding video makers in St. Cloud who decline to celebrate same-sex unions. Tice puts the controversy in the context of America's long and continuing search for the full meaning of "diversity" and "tolerance" and notes the ruling's authorship by Judge David Stras, formerly of the Minnesota Supreme Court and the cause of controversy among Minnesota pols when he was elevated to the federal bench.
Have a great weekend.
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