Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Democracy as "Tribal Competition": Eric Holder Thinks Affirmative Action Should Continue Forever

Tue, Aug 27, 2019 4:14 p.m.


Anonymous said...

What were white people ever "entitled" to?
Absolutely nothing but what we worked for and put into the type of life you were trying to make for yourself.
There wasn't a guarantee of anything--but we took our individual talents and the capacity to work tirelessly,turning those two qualities into an America that was great(not so long ago).
At this point,that is probably not enough to ensure our survival or forestall our demise.
As for Holder,he's absolutely right that without that workplace favoritism,blacks would never be chosen over a white candidate for a job.
They aren't qualified mentally.Do you hear the language that blacks use,when media interviews them after a shooting?
You can't call English their first language--in most cases.
"We axkin' y'all,if youse got sumpthin' ta say 'bout who done this to my baby,call dat Silent Osberver."
NFL and NBA blacks--with a few exceptions--are impossible to listen to and
comprehend during interviews with media.
These blacks are generations removed from the cotton fields of the 1850s,yet the intelligence level sounds the same.Holder knows that the vast majority of blacks are unequipped for learning or contributing to this country in a way that's even half the level of what whites have done and continue to achieve.
So if you favor getting rid of A-A-A-A,which I do,two things will then occur.
1)Blacks will not get hired
2)They will become porch monkeys--100 times the rate they are now--and will riot as regular behavior.
Then,you'd have to decide,more prisons or start building a fleet of ships to start bringing the blacks to,from whence they came.
Or we have a civil war to right things.
I'll post a great article about that shortly.

Anonymous said...

What type of Civil War--and it's result will determine white people's fate.

Anonymous said...


GR commissioners approve human rights ordinance--$500 fine for whites included--for calling the police on blacks "unnecessarily"
GRA:They snuck this vote in between meetings.
(FOX17NEWS)GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids commissioners unanimously approved a human rights ordinance at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The ordinance was proposed by the city’s Community Relations Council in April and was set for a vote in May but was postponed until Tuesday. In that time, the ordinance has been updated based off feedback from commissioners and the community’s input at a public hearing.

City leaders say the ordinance shows that all people have a place in Grand Rapids, and it was important to put that in writing with a modern ordinance.

“We made a stand here today and said that people have the right to be here,” said Tommy Allen, chair of the community relations commission.

The approved ordinance will:

Add definitions for bias and retaliation
Add protections for discrimination based on family makeup
Expand the Community Relations Commission to 13 members
Outline complaint and referral procedures for the city’s attorney’s office and office of diversity and inclusion to follow
Allow the city’s attorney and diversity offices to issue citations
Calls made to police based on biases are also targeted in the new law.

People who are found to have made unnecessary calls to police based on racism or discrimination can receive up to a $500 fine. Police and dispatchers will also receive training to identify why a call is being made.

There are also protections in place for people who come forward with complaints.

The ordinance will go into effect Dec. 1. The Community Relations Commission will use that time to educate people on the new law.
GRA:Fortunately,I had two black families evicted,that lived next to me,over the last 5 years--or I would mostly likely have received a fine or two.No blacks within a block of me now.It appears that Grand Rapids since
becamena sanctuary city 5 days ago,and anti-white tonight,there's really no point for me to live here anymore--or any other sane white person.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Let me try that last paragraph again.
"...appears that since Grand Rapids became a sanctuary city 5 days ago,and anti-white tonight,there's really no point for me to live here anymore..."

Anonymous said...

Maybe AA should continue forever. Negroes will need a helping hand forever so it seems.